Proceeds from FR Heritage Group Sales are used to help fund projects to restore, conserve or replicate the railway’s invaluable historical assets.

Most sales items can be purchased online by clicking on the appropriate button. Alternatively you can order by post. Except where indicated otherwise in the list below orders should be sent to Adrian Gray, FRHG Sales, 25 The Pound, Syresham, Brackley, Northants NN13 5HG. Please make remittances payable to Festiniog Railway Heritage Group.

All prices include UK postage.  If you are ordering from outside the UK please allow extra for the additional postal costs by including a donation with your order.


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Book cover

Fifteen Shillings Change by Kerr Stuart & Co Ltd. Re-printed by the Industrial Railway Society. ISBN 1901556575 Softback 280mm x 21mm, 30 pages, 14 illustrations

A wonderful facsimile of a brochure produced by Kerr Stuart in 1929 to advertise the considerable economies of Diesel over steam. The title refers to an alleged 75% saving in operating costs. Enough technical detail for interest without be overwhelming and remarkable prophetic.

Price £8.34 including P&P. Profits shared between Kerr Stuart 4415 project and the Industrial Railway Society.



KerrStuartKerr, Stuart's Internal Combustion Locomotives by Allan C. Baker. Published by the Industrial Railway Society. ISBN 978190155697-1 Hardback with dust jacket, 260mm x 210mm, 140 pages, over 100 photographs.

In the last three years of their existence Kerr, Stuart & Co Ltd built 25 Diesel locomotives including of course the pioneer locomotive 4415. Five of them still survive today. Allan Baker has been able to draw on the considerable volume of Kerr Stuart source material contained in .the Hunslet Engine Co Archive to produce a well written technical account of the various locomotives.

If you are wondering why the title refers to ‘internal combustion’ rather than just Diesel, Kerr, Stuart’s did dabble in some very arcane petrol powered machines in the early part of the 20th Century which are also covered by this volume.

Price £36.00 including P&P. Profits shared between Kerr Stuart 4415 project and the Industrial Railway Society.


Green KS4415 badgeGrey KS4415 badge

There is only one way to really mark a railway locomotive restoration project; A genuine Gomm badge. These little gems are only available from the FR Heritage Group and all profits will go to the restoration of Kerr Stuart 4415.

Available in original grey livery £5.00 including p&p or £4.00 for cash if we can arrange to meet in the back room of some Porthmadog pub!

As you can only buy them from the FR Heritage Group this could be termed an exclusive offer, but the exclusive offer comes with a limited edition, exclusive offer!

We have a limited edition of 50 badges in the Mauritian Green livery. These are also available at £4.00 cash/£5.00 including P&P.

Do you go grey or do you go limited edition green? To make the choice easier, you can only buy a green one if you buy a grey one. If you think that is unreasonable look at it from this perspective, the more badges you buy the sooner we will all see the engine running!

Use the button below to order grey badges


Use the button below to order a grey badge and a green badge together (i.e. one of each).

Sorry - we have sold out of green badges

Memory stick

Exclusive! The last of the old company double engine shaped memory sticks. Those Spooners were ever so progressive with their love of novelty yet useful tech!

32Gb USB memory sticks 1” tall x 3¾” long & 11/32” thick.

£10.00 including P&P. All profits to Heritage projects on the Ffestiniog Railway


2016 Christmas Card


The 2016 FRHG Christmas Card, from a painting by Falcon Hildred, shows Boston Lodge with a stagecoach entering the Cob. The greeting inside reads ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year/Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda’. The A5 size cards are folded at the top and come with white envelopes.

Price per pack of 5 cards £4.50, postage £1.50 for one pack, 50p for each additional pack.


Created with reference to heritage buttons held in the FR Museum collection, but using modern techniques, replica buttons embossed with the Prince of Wales feathers and the words ‘Festiniog Railway’ around the border are available in two sizes and two finishes. Silver (nickel plate) buttons are appropriate to loco crew uniforms and gilt (brass) buttons are appropriate for station and traffic staff; they match the gold braid these grades seem to like! Large buttons (21mm) are for jackets and over coats, small buttons (15mm) are for cuffs and waistcoats. They have an eyelet on the back for attachment.

FR Heritage Group have invested in new dies for both sizes of buttons and stocks of both finishes are now available  at £2.50 each, regardless of size or finish. Postage is an additional £1 per order in the UK and overseas at cost. If ordering from overseas please enquire via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make a donation to cover the additional cost of postage.


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All back issues of the Ffestiniog Railway Magazine, with the exception of issues 2 to 4 and 238 to 246, are available from Roy Cunningham, Festiniog Railway Heritage Sales, 7 Rowan Close, Binley Woods, Coventry, CV3 2JX or through this website. Prices, including postage, are £3.50 each for issues 187 to 237 and £2.50 each for issues 1 and 5 to 186. There is an open waiting list for issues 2 to 4.

Use this button to order issues 1 and 5 to 186:


Use this button to order issues 187 onwards:


Stocks of binders to accommodate the larger magazines issued since No. 192 are running down and we expect to have to impose an increase in the price when new stock is bought.  The cardboard postal sleeves accommodate two binders and the cost of posting a pair is only a little greater than for a single binder.  Therefore each pair of binders costs £17.00, post paid.  Each single binder costs £9.00, post paid.

FR Magazine binder


Pair of FR Magazine binders


All stock of previous sizes has been sold but second-hand binders, to suit earlier sizes of FR Magazines, are sometimes available at £5.00 each, post paid, if they are in good condition.  Lower prices may be negotiated if condition is not so good.

Please check stocks by letter, or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before sending your order.

Various back numbers of the Heritage Group Journal are available. Issues 35, 41 & 47 are £1.00 each; 48 – 56 are £1.25; 59 – 61, 64 – 66 & 69 – 77 are £1.50; 78-114 are £2.00 and 115 onwards are £2.50 each. Other early issues may also be available from time to time. Back numbers can be obtained from Peter Harrison, 9A Bold Lane, Aughton, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 6SG but it is advisable to check which issues remain available before ordering, by letter or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Use the button below to order issues 31, 45 and 47:


Use the button below to order issues 48-56:


Use the button below to order issues 59-61, 64-66 and 69-77:


Use the button below to order issues 78-114:


Use the button below to order issues 115 onwards:


‘Cordex’ Binders to hold twelve issues of the HG Journal are available at £7.50 each.


In response to comments from members about the filing of the early, thinner, Journals we have ordered a limited quantity of binders, only 50, with 18 cords, instead of 12. These, too, are £7.50 each, post paid. If you are ordering by post please make it clear if you are ordering these binders.


The Spooner Album was originally a photograph album of the Festiniog Railway put together by the Spooner family in the 1880s. The new, extremely high quality edition of this very attractive album is available now. Click here for more details

Designed by Michael Seymour these bronze medals were struck in 1982 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the FR Company. £7.00 each.


A CD-ROM showing an early draft of the deposited plans for the 1869 Act, covering approximately two thirds of the line. There are deviations from the present route and a never built tunnel. £5.00 each.


FR Gravity Trains, by Peter Johnson is an A5 booklet containing a series of articles originally published in the FR Magazine with contributions from historians Michael Seymour & Michael Lewis and reminiscences from former employee of the old FR Co. Tom Davies and Will Jones; £1.00 each.


Heritage Group Album contains a very full account, with accompanying photographs, by Philip Vaughan Davies of his involvement with the FR during the period of the ‘takeover’ in 1954-55, together with a series of photographs of the derelict railway, taken in 1954 by John Snell. £2.00 each.


Jim Hewett and the late Keith Bradbury compiled this extended index to the 1975 edition, and subsequent reprints, of Boyd’s Bible. Sorting is by subject and the list runs to 48 A5 pages, rather more than the one in the book! A real bargain at £5.00 each, post paid.

Unfortunately a similar index for the earlier editions of Boyd, compiled by Hazel Fleming, is now sold out and a reprint is not planned.


A4 reproductions, on 300gsm silk art paper, of the three line engravings in Robert Fairlie’s book Battle of the Gauges Renewed. Ideal for framing, £2.00 per set of three.


Lists of scale drawings for a wide variety of FR locos and Rolling Stock and the modern carriages for the WHR can be obtained by sending an A5 SAE to Adrian Gray, or an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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