Heritage Group Journal index

(SN) – Secretary’s Notes, (ON) – Officers’ Notes, (E) – Editorial, (C) – Chairman’s Notes


19th Century FR Workers – PenrhyndeudraethHewett, J.9735
20mph Railway, TheHowes, D.F.H.13515
23 Salford TerracePerrier, C.689
25 Years of the Heritage Group, MyHewett, J.1006
45 Years On (and occasionally off) TrackHowes, F.10054
46 years a volunteerReynolds, P.9126
50th Anniversary lunchWilson, H./Hewett, J.677
50 years ago (letter)Broadbent, W.7539
1831 FR PlansHewett, J.7727
1832 FR ActHewett, J.6318
1850s Horse Railway, TheAlexander, J.L.14024
1850s Horse Railway, The (letter)Padley, J.14136
1856 Timetable (letter)Hedger, D.9147
1856 Timetable, TheHewett, J.8721
1856 Timetable, The (letter)Bate, J.8846
1863 & All That (SN)Gray, A.C.1157
1865 – Railway Times articleTyler, H.W.224
1869 FR ActHewett, J.6010
1869 FR Act (reprint of Act) 1869617
1869 FR Act (reprint of Act) Pt.26212
1869 FR Act, More on theHewett, J.6225
1869 FR Act, petitions6221
1869 Plans, More on theHewett, J.8122
1870 Locomotive Trials in the local pressLewis, M.J.T.5721
1881 Census & The Festiniog RailwayWilson, A.687
1890s, Customer Care in, From the ArchivesWard, P.7732
1890 Tour poster (letter)Perrier, C.6734
1906, Electrification of P.B.& S.S.R inWilson, D.H.219
1916, The Railway inAlexander, J.13415
1920s weekend3328
1923, Round Trip inCrompton, T.218
1924, Festiniog Railway of todayGairns, J.F.188
1928 reminiscencesBroadbent, W.227
1930s & 40s. As it was in the beginningBoyd, J.I.C.1312
1948, The FR inWilson, D.H.144
1950s, A Volunteer in theSkellern, A.9833
1951 North Wales Hydro-Electric Scheme, TheIsherwood, G.885
1955 and All ThatGray, A.C.12927
1956, The FR inTrains Illustrated7723
1957 AGM Special Train, TheJohnson, P.13141
1957 AGM Special Train, The (letter)Smallman, R.13241
1958, Croesor wagon recoveryCunningham, R.129
1959, Those were the days1513
1959, Two Foot-Plate Trips inNock, O.S.7617
1959, Visiting North Wales inPadley, C.13450
1960s, The Festiniog Railway in theBishop, M.14940
1961, The FR inFisher, R.13334
1963, Centenary of SteamGurley, N.F.139
1967, Memories ofMartin, D.14319
1993 Timetable (letter)Brayne, B.14346
1993 Timetable (letter)Thomson, P.14346


A-frame wagon (SN)274
A.G.M. (ON) 1998533
A.G.M. (ON) 2000605
A.G.M. (SN) 1993332
A.G.M. (SN) 1993342
A.G.M. (SN) 1994383
A.G.M. (SN) 20151236
A.G.M. agenda 1995423
A.G.M. arrangements (SN)1357
A.G.M. clarification (SN) 1992322
A.G.M. Notice 198412
A.G.M. Notice 198672
A.G.M. Notice 1987102
A.G.M. Notice 1988143
A.G.M. Notice 1989182
A.G.M. Notice 1990222
A.G.M. Notice 1991262
A.G.M. Notice 1992302
A.G.M. Notice 1993333
A.G.M. Notice 1994374
A.G.M. Notice 1995413
A.G.M. Notice 1996454
A.G.M. Notice 2007896
A.G.M. Report 2010Gray, A.C.1034
A.G.M. report (ON) 1999594
A.G.M. report (ON) 2000633
A.G.M. report (ON) 2001676
A.G.M. report (ON) 2003756
A.G.M. report (SN) 198546
A.G.M. report (SN) 1986812
A.G.M. report (SN) 1987144
A.G.M. report (SN) 1990236
A.G.M. report (SN) 1992312
A.G.M. report (SN) 1993362
A.G.M. report (SN) 1994393
A.G.M. report (SN) 20181356
A.G.M. Special (letter)Rainbow, R.8038
A.G.M. special train (ON)559
A.G.M. Special, H.G., Freddies Fantastic Rail-tour, 1998Newham, D.F.554
A.G.M. walk (ON) 2001676
Abandonment (letter)Cunningham, R.4832
Abandonment (letter)Harrison, P.R.4834
Accident at Dinas Junction 15th October 1881Hewett, J.10229
Accident at Dinas Junction (letter)Maund, R.10343
Accident at Dinas Junction, July 23rd 1897 and othersHewett, J.10110
Accident at Penrhyn – 28th August 1896Hewett, J.10318
Accident on Festiniog Railway N. Wales c1900, Lantern SlideGray, A.8116
Accidents, A chapter ofLewis, M.J.T.3117
Accidents, Another chapter ofLewis, M.J.T.4415
Act, 1838 FR13437
Act, 1869 FRHewett, J.6010
Adamson Locomotives at Oakeley Quarry, The DanielClayton, D.414
Additions to Journal 47, Comments on, Corrections &Gray, A.C.4819
Advertisement for the first FR, Locomotives, TheBishop, M.J.5527
Advertising, external on carriages (SN)46
Afon Cwmorthin BridgeMerrick, T.8620
Afon Cwmorthin Bridge (letter)Merrick, T.11638
Age Limit, Volunteering (letter)Merrick, T.13450
Age Limit, Volunteering (letter)Lemon, R.13547
Agenda, A.G.M. 1995423
Agreement, Carriage of Slate Quarry Workers & TheHewett, J.9827
Album, Corrections to & comments on the H.G.426
Alco Mountaineer, TheHarris, B.14224
Alco on Test, TheMcNair, S. & Gray, A.C.11530
Alco on Test, The (letter)Ransom, J.11636
AlistairCole, G.5310
AndrewCole, G.5310
Annual, The Heritage GroupHarris, P.L.341
Another Chapter of AccidentsLewis, M.J.T.4415
Another Hearse Car4220
Another interesting snippetHewett, J.6930
Another letter that started it all9226
Appeal (Moelwyn)422
Appeal for helpRonald, D.13
Apprentice’s pit (letter)Wilson, D.H.6733
Archer, Henry (E)933
Archery and Spoonerisms: The Creators of the FRLewis, M.J.T.5016
Archery and Spoonerisms: The Creators of the FR (Pt.II)Lewis, M.J.T.517
Archery and Spoonerisms: The Creators of the FR (Pt.III)Lewis, M.J.T.524
Archive Film collectingCatchpole, K.3219
ArchivesGray, A.C.939
Archives (E)301
Archives (ON)685
Archives (ON)843
Archives (ON)925
Archives (SN)1076
Archives, FR ModernGray, A.C.11333
Archives, FR, and Heritage Photographic Collection5023
Archives, from the, (2)Ward, P.7036
Archives, From the, (I)Ward, P699
Archives, Making the Most ofHewett, J.10828
Archives, Photographs from theGray, A.C.12944
Archives, Post-preservation (SN)1275
Archives, Progress with the4216
Archivist, BR (letter)Maund, R.10324
Archivist’s ApologyGray, A.C.695
Archivists, Appointment of Joint14745
Arenig Quarry (letter)Lewis, Bunny4536
Arthur Lambert remembersLambert, A.Ll.2011
Arthur Lambert remembers part 2, Reminiscences –Lambert, A.Ll.2319
As it was in the beginningBoyd, J.I.C.1312
Ashbury Four-Wheel CarriagesGray, A.C.866
Ashbury Four-Wheel CarriagesGray, A.C.8716
Ashes to Ashes, Rust to RustHigh, D.R.1056
Ashes, recording scattering (letter)Pearce, N. & Wilson, H.5329
Ashes, recording scattering (letter)Pearce, N. & Wilson, H.5634
AshoverCole, G.5311
AshoverMartin, P.12846
AspirationsHewett, J. & Gray, A.C.8336
Aspirations – a discussion paperHewett, J. & Gray, A.C.798
Aspirations (letter)Day, J.8036
Aspirations (letter)Rainbow, R.8037
Aspirations (letter)Davis, J.M.8039
Aspirations (letter)Hewett, J.8136
Aspirations (letter)Yeadon, M.8137
Aspirations (letter)Kean, M.8230
Aspirations (letter)Townsend, J.8231
Aspirations (letter)Howes, F.8344
Aspirations (ON)Hewett, J. & Gray, A.C.803
Aspirations and Preservation (letter)Broadbent, B.8232
Association of Smaller Railways (letter)Johnson, P.8435
Austin Car (letter)Walker, R.8639
Awareness, HeritageHewett, J.10337


Back CarriagePadley, J.205
Back numbersHarrison, P.R.1111
Back numbers5333
Back numbers of The Gylb requiredHewett, J.4726
Back Traffic in 1862Hewett, J.12421
Back-carriage, More onHewett, J.249
Baddeley, Geoffrey E. (obituary)6123
Bala – Blaenau loco crews (letter)Swift, P.10339
Bala Junction Station (letter)Darlaston, R.12650
Bala to Blaenau Ffestiniog, Yet MoreIsherwood, G.4720
Baldwin 45h.p. tractor (letter)Weaver, C.R.3825
Baldwin, WWI, Loan to WHR(P) (E)783
Ballad of Lizzie Blod’s LooJarvis, P.N.89
Ballad of Pitts HeadBarradell, M.149
Bangor & Gorsedda Slate Co., E.J.J. Dixon and theHewett, J.9217
Bankes’ Estate (letter)Boyd, J.I.C.2524
Banks & Braes in PorthmadogPadley et al2814
Bantock, HamiltonPratt, A.3419
Bantocks, The (letter)Rainbow, R.13449
Bantocks, The (letter)Smallman, R.13550
Bard, Gwilym Deudraeth, – the FR’s ownWinton, J.2210
Battersby, Joseph Huddleston, 1887-1963Davies, P. V-4712
Battle of the Gauges Renewed, TheDenholm, M.14545
Beaumont, Bouch and the EggWeaver, C.R.107
Beaumont, FrederickWeaver, C.R.93
Beaver PoolHewett, J.6129
Beaver Pool (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.6134
Beaver Pool Bridge Turnpike, Portmadoc &6211
BeddgelertTownsley, D.H.4132
Beddgelert (letter)Padley, J.3726
Beddgelert (letter)Weaver, C.R.3726
Beddgelert (letter)Padley, J.3824
Beddgelert (letter)Weaver, C.R.4221
Beddgelert (letter)Bradley, V.J.4222
Beddgelert (letter)Padley, J.4225
Beddgelert (letter)Townsley, D.H.4330
Beddgelert (letter)Hewett, J.5329
Beddgelert etc.Bradley, V.J.395
Beddgelert Railway, part 1Jenkins, G.178
Beddgelert Railway, part 2Jenkins, G.185
Beddgelert Railway, part 3Jenkins, G.1910
Beddgelert Railway, part 4Jenkins, G.2015
Beddgelert Railway, part 5Jenkins, G.214
Beddgelert, Davies & Metcalf and the SzlumpersWoodcock, D.9224
Beddgelert, Mary Ann & Maentwrog Power StationWeaver, C.R.4013
Beddgelert, Reasons for turningPadley, J.4629
Beddgelert, turning ofClayton, D.4814
Beer Waggon and Brakes (letter)Rainbow, R.10943
Behind the Booking Office WindowsRev Selman, C.A.946
Belgian Girl GuidesHowes, D.F.12416
Bell Signals9011
Bere Alston & Callington Railway (letter)Awdry, C.7040
Bere Alston & Calstock Railway (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.7136
Beresford, CharlesJohnson, P.12350
Binding serviceBowen, T.6634
Birmingham Carriages – the Missing LinksGray, A.C.9029
Bishop’s Castle RailwayMowatt, C.L.1412
Black’s Picturesque Guide to N. Wales, 5th edition 1874Harris, P.L.4611
Blacksmiths' Shop, Boston LodgeWilkinson, I.14515
Blaenau 10 (SN)303
Blaenau 30 (SN)1095
Blaenau day return in 1875, AAlexander, J.12227
Blaenau developments 1989Harris, P.L.197
Blaenau Exchange YardsMiller, S.11130
Blaenau, A Temperance Bar in (letter)Pollard, J.11335
Blaenau, Lodging turns in (letter)Dennis, P.10439
Blaencwm Hydro-electric power station, CroesorButterworth, B.6015
Blaencwm power station (letter)Butterworth, B.6235
BlancheDennis, P.11045
Blanche Photo (letter)Fisher, B.8844
Blanche Photo (letter)Griffiths, S.8844
Blanket Box (letter)Padley, C.13751
Blast, TheWilson, D.H.3727
Block Station, Penrhyn as a (letter)Maynard, T.9838
Blockade SundayGarraway, A.G.W.7136
Blue Plaque for St Mary’s Church HouseTemple, M.1269
Blue Plaque, Tonbridge (letter)Shimmon, R.13651
Board of Trade, The FR in Trouble with theHewett, J.8022
Boat & W.F.Cooke (letter)Padley, A.J.1111
Boat, Arising from theJohnson, P.13532
Boat, Spooner – progress7622
Boat, Spooner (ON)645
Boat, Spooner (ON)665
Boat, Spooner (SN)273
Boat, TalsarnauLewis, M.J.T.183
Boat, TheLewis, M.J.T.108
Boat, The (ON)926
Boat, The Spooner, collision (letter)Dennis, P.9642
Boating, Festiniog styleGray, A.C.9537
Bogie Brake VansDavis, M.8630
Bogie Carriage MysteryDennis, P.8837
Bogie Carriage Pre-historyWeaver, C.R.4120
Bogie Carriages, Spooner (letter)Swift, P.8845
Bolster waggon 138 (ON)503
Bolster waggon (SN)1268
Bombing Run (letter)Weaver, C.R.3827
Bont Goch, Y, The Oakeley ViaductGwyn, D.8424
Books, FR (letter)Mitchell, J.C.V.5134
Books, More on More Semi-obsolescentFleming, H.10061
Books, More Semi-obsolescentHarris, P.L.9933
Books, Obsolescent (E)963
Books, Old (letter)Chapman, M.14646
Borrow, George (letter)Davies, M.7238
Borrow, George, in GwyneddPerrier, C.7125
Borstal Boy’s ReportHigh, D.R.2719
Borstal boy’s reportHigh, D.R.305
Borstal Boys go CorporateSudlow, C.3525
Boston Lodge – scotching a rumourHall, G.6529
Boston Lodge – the End of an EraGray, A.C.9031
Boston Lodge buildings (ON)968
Boston Lodge CatsHarris, B.14339
Boston Lodge in the Late 1970s, A Glimpse ofOakey, J.11612
Boston Lodge land transfer (letter)Hedger, D.9147
Boston Lodge Machine Shop (letter)Rainbow, R.A.8238
Boston Lodge memoriesAlexander, J.L.6830
Boston Lodge memories, Pt.2Walker, D.J.6120
Boston Lodge old engine shed (ON)876
Boston Lodge old engine shed (ON)936
Boston Lodge reorganisation (E)1203
Boston Lodge Squaddy, ATennent, J.8627
Boston Lodge StablesZeepvat, B.1466
Boston Lodge Works and a MuseumHart, M.5326
Boston Lodge, 1955), Those were the days (A Trip toDunn, J.M.4627
Boston Lodge, 1957, New lease of life for old railway works6311
Boston Lodge, A Very Short History ofAlexander, J.L.12126
Boston Lodge, Inhabitants of, 1841-1901Hewett, J.9415
Boston Lodge, Memories of , Pt.1Walker, D.J.6031
Boston Lodge, Tales FromHarris, B.1167
Boston Lodge, Tales FromHarris, B.12914
Boughey, Fred (ON)956
Bowcott, Howard (E)883
Bowton, Richard, and Graig Ddu (letter)Scott, E.13947
Bowton, Richard, and Graig Ddu (letter)Knowles, J.13947
Bowton, Richard, and the Graig Ddu slate quarryJohnson, P.13722
Boyd photo 26H, Boston Lodge Workers inHewett, J.1226
Boyd, James Ian Craig (obituary)977
Boyd’s BibleTreloar, P.8823
Boyd’s commentsBoyd, J.I.C.167
Boyd’s Histories of the FR, Some CommentsGray, A.C.8730
Boyd’s LegacyGray, A.C.996
BR Archivist (letter)Maund, R.10324
Bradbury, Keith (E)1073
Braich Goch Slate Quarry at Corris, An introduction toHay, P.463
Brake Vans (letter)Baker, S.8640
Brake Vans, ReversedHawkins, P.5226
Braking History, A Little Bit ofBond, N.9929
Branch line feverReid, C.344
Breakdown, Volunteer transport (letter)Ward, A.10339
Breese, Jones & CassonBishop, M.9438
Breese, Jones & Casson (letter)Bishop, M.9544
Bridge Rail in Minffordd Yard7724
Bridge Rail in Minffordd Yard (letter)Hedger, D.7844
Bridges & TurnpikesHewett, J.11038
Brine Tank Waggon – Some Idle ThoughtsGray, A.C.12612
Brine Tank Waggon (letter)Wilson, A.12746
Brine Tank Waggon (letter)Hoskin, C.12747
Brine Tank, FR/Pont Croesor Water TankGray, A.C.474
Brine Tank, FR/Pont Croesor Water TankGray, A.C.527
Britannia Foundry (letter)Kidner, R.W.5832
BritomartCoulson, S.105
Brittania Foundry, Parts II,III,IV etcNeal, A.565
Brittania Foundry, Parts II,III,IV etcBradley, V.J.566
Brittania Foundry, Parts II,III,IV etcJohnson, P.566
Brittania Foundry, Parts II,III,IV etcNeal, A.567
Brittania Foundry, Parts II,III,IV etcHindley, P.568
Brittania Foundry, Parts II,III,IV etcNeal, A.568
Brittania Foundry, Parts II,III,IV etcDown, C.G.585
Brittania Foundry, PortmadocDown, C.G.565
Broadbent Archive (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.7539
Broadbent Archive (letter)Broadbent, W.7736
Broadbent Archive Part 17227
Broadbent Archive Part 27310
Broadbent Archive Part 37420
Broadbent Archive Part 47528
Broadbent Archive Part 5766
Broadbent Archive Part 67728
Broadbent Archive Part 77916
Broadbent Archive Part 88025
Broadbent Archive Part 98412
Broadbent Archives (letter)Keylock, C.J.7336
Broadbent Archives (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.8548
Broadbent, Bill (letter)Chacksfield, J.9040
Broadbent, W.B. (Bill), obituaryGray, A.C.825
Bron Eryri (E)903
Brookes, Arthur obituaryDennis, P.1127
Bruce Peebles Ltd., P.B.&S.S.R. andWeaver, C.R.2213
Bug box no.3Bond, N.3221
Bug BoxesBond, N.3426
Bug boxes (E)282
Bug boxes (letters)Various8547
Bug boxes (SN)273
Bug boxes (SN)285
Bug boxes (SN)303
Bug boxes (SN)312
Building demolition (E)261
Buildings at Tan y BwlchGray, A.C.9135
Buildings, Old, & other editorial mattersHarris, P.L.261
Buildings, Protection of & other matters (ON)863
Buildings, Recording HistoricGray, A.C.3220
Bunny Lewis (obituary)856
Burge, C.O.Harris, P.L.16
Busta (letter)Tarring, A.8441
BusterCole, G.5313
Buttons, Tom Davies’Hawkins, P.5424


Caban (letter)Knowles, J.8234
Cabins, Permanent Way, and a Quarryman’s CarriageHowes, D.F.12426
CaerdeonWeaver, C.R.169
Caernarfon to Afon Wen – Signal Recoveries, Winter 1971/72Josey. D.12315
Caernarvon Herald 1831-6 – report on FRLewis, M.J.T.73
Calling Mr Curtis, Calling Mr HarveyWilkinson, I.11211
Cambrian News (letter)Scott, E.14131
Cambrian to Blaenau FfestiniogWeaver, C.R.27
Carpenters’ ShopC., R.88
Carpenters’ shop – footnoteAndrews, J.92
Carriage 14, Seats of (letter)Davis, M.8848
Carriage 15, A personal wordPyatt, R.4231
Carriage 26 (E)773
Carriage in photo 84 – Can there be more?Gray, A.C.5412
Carriage in photo 84 (letter)Clayton, D.5331
Carriage in Photo 84, Part IIIClayton, D.508
Carriage in Photo 84, ThePadley, J.4615
Carriage in Photo 84, The – an addendumPadley, J.4725
Carriage No. 7 (letter)Maynard, T.10137
Carriage No. 7, A Cover forNewham, D.F.5227
Carriage No. 14Weston, P.494
Carriage No. 14 (letter)Davies, M.5232
Carriage No. 14 (letter)Sparks, H.7736
Carriage No. 14, collecting (letter)Smart, I.7625
Carriage No. 14 bogies (ON)645
Carriage No. 15Yates, I.3926
Carriage No. 27 (letter)Kidner, R.W.5133
Carriage restoration (ON)524
Carriage restoration (ON)563
Carriage restoration (ON)624
Carriage restoration, Heritage – a new initiativeGray, A.C.655
Carriage, Oakley (letter)Baker, S.L.13547
Carriage, That Mystery NWNGRSwift, P.4823
Carriages 11 & 125135
Carriages 15 & 16 (ON)594
Carriages 15 & 16 (SN)343
Carriages 15,16,17,18,19 (letter)Bond, N.3527
Carriages (L&B and NWNGR) (letter)Bishop, M.7538
Carriages, Ashbury Four-WheelGray, A.C.866
Carriages, Ashbury Four-WheelGray, A.C.8716
Carriages, Birmingham – the Missing LinksGray, A.C.9029
Carriages, Bogie, Spooner (letter)Swift, P.8845
Carriages, Festiniog RailwayBateman, F.8410
Carriages, Festiniog Railway Passenger, The Spooner BogiesGray, A.C.8710
Carriages, Festiniog Railway, Part TwoSeymour, M.8530
Carriages, MysteryDennis, P.13531
Carriages, N.W.N.G.R., including the one in photo 84Bishop, W.H.5211
Carter, Ann10825
CartoonSavage, A.13546
Catalogue of the pre-1954 FR Company ArchivesGray, A.C.1087
Catalogue, PhotographicGray, A.C.2321
Catchment area, Maentwrog Power Station3819
Catering, early- restorationWilson, H.6227
Catering, early- restoration (letter)Wilson, H.6333
Catering, early- restoration (letter)Garraway, A.W.G.6335
Catherine & Jane Consols MineLevins, G.8914
Cats, Boston LodgeHarris, B.14339
Cei MawrLewin, P.927
Cei Mawr, More onHewett, J.11914
Cei Mawr, The Strengthening ofHewett, J.11714
Ceir Gwyllt (letter)Brooks, R.14039
Census & The Festiniog Railway, The 1881Wilson, A.687
Census Project, The FRHewett, J.9914
Census Project, The FR, an updateHewett, J.10019
Centenary Celebrations, May 1963Wilson, A.8714
Centenary of Steam11319
Centenary of Steam 1963Gurley, N.F.139
Centenary of Steam, The7932
Centenary, Ffestiniog RailwayTownsend, J.L.12413
Centenary, FR (letter)Maund, R.12539
Cerrig-y-drudion & Ruthin RailwayHewett, J.108
Chair, From theHewett, J.392
Chaired track (ON)724
Chaired track (ON)855
Chairman's Bit, TheWilliams, G.1454
Chairman's Bit, TheWilliams, G.14623
Chairman's Bit, TheWilliams, G.1474
Chairman's Bit, TheWilliams, G.1504
Chairman, A Statement FromHowes, F.1004
Chairman’s Annual Report 1987Seymour, M.111
Chairman’s Annual Report 1988Seymour, M.151
Chairman’s Annual Report 1989Seymour, M.191
Chairman’s Annual Report 1990Seymour, M.232
Chairman’s Annual Report 1991Seymour, M.282
Chairman’s Annual Report 1992Seymour, M.323
Chairman’s Annual Report 1993Seymour, M.363
Chairman’s Annual Report 1994Seymour, M.402
Chairman’s Annual Report 1995Hewett, J.442
Chairman’s Annual Report 1996Hewett, J.483
Chairman’s Annual Report 1997Hewett, J.513
Chairman’s Annual Report 1998Hewett, J.553
Chairman’s Annual Report 1999Hewett, J.603
Chairman’s Annual Report 2000Hewett, J.633
Chairman’s Annual Report 2002Hewett, J.714
Chairman’s Annual Report 2003Hewett, J.753
Chairman’s Annual Report 2004Hewett, J.794
Chairman’s Annual Report 2005Hewett, J.833
Chairman’s Annual Report 2006Hewett, J.874
Chairman’s Annual Report 2007Hewett, J.913
Chairman’s Annual Report 2008Hewett, J.954
Chairman’s Annual Report 2009Hewett, J.993
Chairman’s Annual Report 2018Williams, G.1354
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1036
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1044
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1054
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1064
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1084
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1094
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1104
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1115
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1124
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1135
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1144
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1154
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1164
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1174
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1184
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1194
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1204
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1214
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1223
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1234
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1244
Chairman’s Bit, TheHowes, D.F.1254
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1264
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1274
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1284
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1294
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1304
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1314
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1324
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1334
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1344
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1364
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1374
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1384
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1404
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1415
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1424
Chairman’s Bit, TheWilliams, G.1434
Chairman’s NotesSeymour, M.211
Chairman’s NotesSeymour, M.71
Chairman’s NotesSeymour, M.91
Chairman’s NotesHewett, J.406
Chairman’s ReportSeymour, M.47
Chairman’s ReportSeymour, M.51
Chairman’s ReportSeymour, M.61
Chairman’s ReportSeymour, M.81
Chairman’s Report to the 2016 AGMWilliams, G.1274
Chairman’s Report to the 2019 AGMWilliams, G.1394
Chairman’s Report to the 2021 AGMWilliams, G.1484
Chairman’s StatementSeymour, M.11
Chairman’s Statement 2010Howes, D.F.1034
Chairman’s Statement 2011Howes, D.F.1074
Chapter of Accidents, AnotherLewis, M.J.T.4415
Charles & his sistersDavies, P. V-335
Charles Easton Spooner’s Letter Copy Book No. 1Hewett, J.10535
Childhood in Cwm YstradauDdol, Rhiain y5415
Chronology (C)406
Chronology (letter)Higgins, D.D.4929
Chronology (ON)605
Chronology (ON)645
Chronology (SN)286
Chronology (SN)292
Chronology (SN)304
Chronology (SN)323
Chronology (SN)333
Chronology (SN)343
Chronology (SN)383
Chronology, An FRHiggins, D.D.4719
Chronology, More Early FRBaker, Simon484
Chronology, Part IIHiggins, D.D.5123
Chronology, The FR, 1950-1995Hewett, J.4533
Chronology, The FR, 1950-1995 (cont)Hewett, J.4621
Chwarelwr, YHawkins, P.8738
Circular Tour, A North WalesAlexander, J.9823
Classic Ffestiniog – A Salute to Alan Pegler1107
Classic Ffestiniog (SN)1114
Clayton, Eileen (obituary)Savage, A.1406
Cleminson AnalysedWeaver, C.R.4617
Cleminson ProjectGreen, D.3512
Cleminson Six-Wheeled Wagon, The (letter)Padley, C.8138
Cleminson VehiclesPadley, C.278
Cleminson Wagon, No.8High, D.R.4421
Clothing, FRAlexander, J.12327
Clothing, FR (letter)Alexander, J.12446
Clothing, FR, and the Mystery PlanJohnson, P.12436
Coach frames, Hudson (letter)Wilson, A.10063
Coach frames, Hudson (letter)Rainbow, R.A.10438
Coach No. 10Harris, P.L.139
Coach No. 22 (letter)Bishop, M.14041
Coal Waggon, 2-ton IronHigh, W.13527
Cob – building reportPeacock, T.L.410
Cob & Sluices, The PorthmadogW.W.A.2913
Cob & the inner harbour, More onHughes, J.S.315
Cob pre-history45
Cob Rail Layout, OriginalClark, C.12810
Cob Rail Layout, Original (letter)Howes, F.12949
Cob Tramway (letters)Lewis, M.J.T.4733
Cob, Plate Rails on theLewis, M.J.T.4526
Cob, Plate Rails on the (letter)Johnson, P.4632
Cob, Plate Rails on the (letter)Bradley, V.J.4633
Cob, The Dark Side of theDennis, P.10615
Coed y Bleiddiau, Accident at, 4th October 1901Hewett, J.9529
Coed y Bleiddiau, The Inhabitants ofHewett, J.9511
Coed y Bleiddua – A Very Brief HistoryWilliams, G.13329
Coed-y-bleiddiau & the bombing run, Lord Haw-HawDavies, P. V-377
Coed-y-bleiddiau (letter)Davies, P. V-3527
Coed-y-Bleiddiau (letter)Smallman, R.13448
Coed-y-bleiddiau CottageWhitehouse, M.8839
Colonel Stephens Railway Society (ON)625
Colonel, TheCole, G.536
Colour Light Home Signals – c1970, Tanybwlch & MinfforddJosey, D.12726
Comments from Bunny LewisLewis, Bunny3717
Comments on Journal 27Weaver, C.R.2916
Comments on previous JournalsWeaver, C.R.2521
Comments on, Corrections & Additions to Journal 47Gray, A.C.4819
Committee changes & AGM (SN)1316
Committee Members, Meet the NewWilliams, G.1486
Committee, Heritage Group (ON)453
Committee, Heritage Group (SN)373
Committee, Heritage Group (SN)393
Communication (ON)924
Community that lived near the Tunnel’s MouthOwain, Steffan ab444
Company Board changes (E)873
Complex Simplex, TheGray, A.C.4211
Compliments vs. Complaints (E)783
ConnectionsTownsley, D.H.337
ConstitutionHarrison, P.R.1416
Constitution of the Festiniog Railway Company, The8113
Constitution, Heritage Group (ON)462
Constitution, Heritage Group (ON)653
Constitution, Heritage Group (SN)372
Constitution, ProposedHarrison, P.R.14210
Contract Ticket, North Wales (letter)Smart, I.7135
Contract Ticket, North Wales (letter)Johnson, F.7137
Contract Ticket, North Wales (letter)Steel, J.7138
Contractor, 1834, A Problem with theHewett, J.1249
Contractor, 1834, A Problem with the (letter)Johnson, P.12540
Contributions, Newsletter912
Convention (SN)143
Convention notice142
Convention report 1984Wilson, D.H.23
Convention report 1985Hewett, J.56
Convention report 1985Harris, P.L.57
Convention report 1988Hewett, J.152
Cooden (letter)Cunningham, R.6732
Cornish Giants in the Moelwyn HillsMarshall, A.8214
Correct Recording of History (letter)Dennis, P.14132
Correction – timings (letter)Cunningham, R.7238
Corrections & Additions to Journal 47, Comments on,Gray, A.C.4819
Corrections to & comments on the H.G. Album426
Cottages in WalesBantock, M.S.347
Coulson, Steve (letter)Anderson, P.12049
Coulson, Steve (Stefco) (obit)Harris, R.12014
Coulson, Steve, Steco – 1941-2014 – an appreaciation (obit)Gray, A.C.12012
Coupling difficultiesWeaver, C.R.169
Cover Picture of HGJ98 (letter)Bentley, M.9939
Crewe Marketing Meeting 19964430
Crick Family and Frederick Vaughan (letter)Maund, R.10538
Crick Family, The (letter)Townsend, J.10637
Crick Family, The (letter)Holland, K.10637
Crick, Frederick, Railway DynastyHolland, K.10938
Crick, Reg, Old and New Earls and (letter)Dakin, K.10747
Criteria for Granting Applications for Heritage Group FundsGray, A.C.808
Croesor auction catalogueHarris, P.L.123
Croesor Quarry and Welsh PonySmith, B.10439
Croesor Quarry RoadDonovan, P.14220
Croesor recollectionsBarrell, A.8536
Croesor Tramway, Waggons on the (letters)Various9437
Croesor wagon recovery 1958Cunningham, R.129
Croesor Wagon recovery, further informationStapleton, F.G.A.1513
Croesor wagonsSmart, I.3122
Croesor, Parc &, auction, commentsLewis, M.J.T.138
Cuneo painting – Now it can be toldHourd, K.2014
Cuneo Print – Festiniog Workhorses62
Curly Roof (letter)Mitchell, V.7630
Curly Roof Van replica (ON)784
Curtis & Harvey (letter)Gray, A.C.5234
Customer Care in the 1890sWard, P.7732
Cuttings, OldLayzell-Ward, P.11338
Cwmdeithas Bro FfestiniogHarris, P.L.1215
Cyfeillion Cadw TremadogVoelcker, F.5023


Dan Wilson’s Memorial ServiceWilson, H. & Jarvis, P.858
Dandy, Replica wooden horseHewett, J.117
Dandy, Replica wooden horse, progress reportHewett, J.1317
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Festiniog Links to theJones, C.1349
Dark Side of the Cob, TheDennis, P.10615
Data Protection ActHarrison, P.R.62
David F. Newham, 1936 – 2004Gray, A.C.806
Davies (Jones), HughWelch, N.1438
Davies (Jones), Hugh (letter)Jones, G.14446
Davies (Jones), Hugh (letter)Welch, N.14446
Davies (Jones), Hugh (letter)Maund, R.14448
Davies (Jones), Hugh (letter)Lysotr, D.14449
Davies Family (letter)Holland, K.11042
Davies Family and its Railway InterestsJohnson, P.1099
Davies Photographs, TheJohnson, P. & Gray, A.10025
Davies Photographs, TheJohnson, P. & Gray, A.10118
Davies, Phillip Vaughan (obituary)Jarvis, P.856
Davies’, Tom, ButtonsHawkins, P.5424
Davies’s, The Pwllheli (letter)Leleux, R.11044
Davies’s, The Pwllheli (letter)Davies, A.M.11142
DdualltLyall, D.175
Dduallt Daily Digger, Moelwyn Express & (letter)Maynard, T.9840
Dduallt Daily Digger, Moelwyn Express & (letter)Dakin, K.9939
Dduallt Shuttle, TheSkellern, A.9924
Dduallt Shuttle, The (letter)Whitehouse, M.10064
Dduallt Shuttle, The (letter)Maynard, T.10137
Dduallt Shuttle, The (letter)Morton, D.C.10238
Dduallt Shuttle, The (letter)Skellern, A.10342
Dduallt Signalling c1970Josey, D.13321
Dduallt Station SidingWilson, S. & Rayner, M.13431
Dduallt Station Siding (letter)Padley, J.13546
Dduallt, The Push for (letter)Howes, D.F.14450
Dduallt, The Push for Part 1: A Week at Bron MadocTemple, M.11925
Dduallt, The Push for, Part 2: A Week in the SandpitTemple, M.14316
Dduallt, The Push for, Part 3: A Week in the StationTemple, M.14410
de Wintons, Horizontal boilered5928
Death in service – two cases from the archivesJohnson, P.14125
Death on the Festiniog RailwayJohnson, P.13829
Death on the Festiniog Railway IIJohnson, P.14443
Detail, Its all in the (Merddin Emrys)Hoskin, C.1494
Deudraeth, Gwilym – the FR’s own BardWinton, J.2210
Deviation MemoriesWilson, D.H.4422
Deviation Memories – a footnoteWeaver, C.R.4718
Deviation, the Afanc and the God Squad, TheMarshall, A.7918
Deviation, Thirty Years of theWilson, D.H.429
Devlin, Diana (letter)Briscoe, C.14349
Dial TIM for the Speaking clockJolly, I.7419
Diamond Jubilee (SN)1166
DianaCole, G.535
Diesel Locomotives at Oakeley QuarryScott, E.819
Diesels & other non-steam locomotives, Festiniog WorksCole, G.535
Diesels, FRHowes, D.F.11121
Diesels, FR (letter)Dennis, P.5528
Diesels, FR (letter)Lewis, Bunny5532
Diesels, FR (letter)Smart, I.5533
Diesels, FR (letter)Weaver, C.R.5534
Diesels, FR (letter)Dennis, P.5634
Dinas (FR) – Then & NowHewett, J.10628
Dinas and Tanygrisiau11227
Dinas Branch (letter)Johnson, P.13841
Dinas Branch Revisited, TheMurfitt, S.13710
Dinas Branch, Further Up theTownsend, J.13812
Dinas Branch, TheMurfitt, S.1396
Dinas Junction, Accident at (letter)Maund, R.10343
Dinas Junction, Accident at July 23rd 1897 and othersHewett, J.10110
Dinas Junction, Accident at, 15th October 1881Hewett, J.10229
Dinas StationDavies, P. V-649
Dinas Station (letter)Perrier, C.6736
Dinas station (letter)Padley, J.6835
Dinas station (letter)Holmes, P.8847
Dinas Station Master, Robert Usher (letter)Townsend, J.10341
Dinorwig Sale 1969Davies, P. V-5125
Disc signal kit reviewRonald, D.W.42
Disc signals – some thoughtsHewett, J. & Gray, A.C.6316
Disc signals (ON)614
Disc signals (ON)625
Disc signals (ON)645
Disc signals (ON)665
Disc signals (ON)694
Disc signals (SN)323
Dixon, E.J.J., and the Bangor & Gorsedda Slate Co.Hewett, J.9217
Dolwen Power StationThomas, D.W.243
Dolwen power station (letter)Nottingham, I.2523
Donkey is not extinct, TheStapleton, F.G.A.3910
Dorman 4JO Engine, TheHartley, A.C.4212
Double arm signal (ON)493
Double arm signal (ON)502
Double arm signal (ON)695
Double arm signal (ON)705
Double Fairlies on the WHRGray, A.C.9118
Double Fairlies on the WHR (letter)Wilson, A.9243
Douglass, Interview with Mrs Sheila13918
Douglass, Mrs Sheila (letter)Donovan, P.14042
Douglass, Mrs Sheila (letter)Walker, R.14042
DrainsWilson, D.H.4927
Drains, TracksideThorp, R.12916
Drill, A WanderingAlexander, J.13219
Duffws (engraving) 18792820
Dukes, Paul (SN)286
Dutch in the Medway, The (letter)Jarvis, P.N.10747


Earl of Merioneth (letter)Dakin, K.10943
Earls, Old and New, and Reg Crick (letter)Dakin, K.10747
Early DaysLee, M.11919
Early days of restoration (letter)Darlaston, R.7139
Early Days of the FRHewett, J.1139
Early Days on the FestiniogHollins, P.9926
Early days with the FR, MyWeir, R.9138
Early days with the FR, My (The Shop Era)Weir, R.9531
Early Experiences of the Ffestiniog RailwayWaters, I.988
Early Experiences of the Ffestiniog Railway, Part 2Waters, I.9910
Early FR traffic capacityChapling, J.287
Early FR traffic capacityWeaver, C.R.293
Early FR traffic capacity (More)Padley, J.294
Early FR traffic capacity (More)Padley, J.3127
Early Liveries, The Ffestiniog’sJones, C. & Dennis, P.12822
Early Restoration Period, The (letter)Pollard, J.13152
Early Restoration Period, The (letter)Davies, M.13242
Early Restoration Period, The (letter)Laing, D.W.13243
Early Visits to the Festiniog RailwayTownsend, J.L.12428
Early Visits to the Festiniog RailwayTownsend, J.L.12527
Early Visits to the Festiniog RailwayTownsend, J.L.12634
Early Visits to the Festiniog RailwayTownsend, J.L.12734
Early Visits to the Festiniog RailwayTownsend, J.L.12840
Early Visits to the Festiniog RailwayTownsend, J.L.12938
Early Visits to the Festiniog RailwayTownsend, J.L.13032
Early Years of the Ticket AgencySkellern, A.10043
East Broad Top Railway (letter)Alexander, J.7334
Editor (SN)1136
Electricity distribution map N.Wales385
Electrification of P.B.& S.S.R in 1906Wilson, D.H.219
Embankments (letter)Steel, J.2323
Embankments (letter)Padley, J.2421
Embankments (letter)Taylor, R.4833
Embankments (letter)Sparks, T.4834
Employees in the Last Years of the Old FR CompanyHewett, J.11417
Employees, FR Old CompanyHewett, J.14338
Employees, Old CompanyHewett, J.11138
Employees, Old Company (letter)Maund, R.11545
Engine Drivers & Firemen, FRHewett, J.1048
Engine Lamps, Shedding More Light onDennis, P.10919
Engineer, The (letter)Maund, R.11045
Engines and Vehicles, More on WWIWeaver, C.R.4325
England Replica (letter)Dennis, P.9039
England v FairlieRansom, P.J.G.5425
England water tanks (letter)Padley, J.6835
England, GeorgeJohnson, P.14412
England, George’s loco livery, etc. (letter)Maynard, T.10540
England, Replica (letter)Rainbow, R.9145
Englands (letter)Baker, S.8640
Envelope and dish (letter)Scott, E.14250
Envelope Stickers (letter)Binns, R.14041
Errors, Corrections and Additional InformationHewett, J.1027
Euston SuiteDobson. J.6424
Euston SuiteWilson, H.6424
Euston SuiteGarraway, A.W.G.6533
Euston Suite etc (letter)Lemon, R.6534
Evans, John SamLayzell Ward, P.9146
Event that Changed the (N.G.) WorldHewett, J.7120
Exercise Little GiantRonald, D.W.9525


F-Team (ON)516
Fairbourne changes412
Fairlie (letter)Holland, K.11637
Fairlie Engine, The4218
Fairlie Interesting Information from Australia, MoreTownsend, J.L.10920
Fairlie LocalDennis, P.11913
Fairlie Local (letter)Townsend, J.L.12050
Fairlie locomotive trials, 1870Hewett, J.7120
Fairlie locomotive trials, MoreHewett, J.10728
Fairlie locomotives (SN)1297
Fairlie PatentsTownsend, J.L.11514
Fairlie Patents part 2Townsend, J.L.11627
Fairlie Patents part 3Townsend, J.L.11726
Fairlie Patents part 4Townsend, J.L.11818
Fairlie Patents, A Postscript toTownsend, J.L.12136
Fairlie Steam Bogie Carriage, TheTownsend, J.L.1116
Fairlie Steam Bogie Carriage, What Happened to theHewett, J.10942
Fairlie Steam Carriage, TheSwift, P.11042
Fairlie, Ffestiniog’s FirstJones, C. & Dennis, P.12720
Fairlie, Robert and Loftus Perkins (letter)Townsend, J.L.8547
Fairlie, Robert Francis (Class 47) (C)71
Fairlie, Robert Francis, Some reflectionsMurfitt, S.9622
Fairlie, single fund92
Fairlie, Who Was Robert FrancisTownsend, J.L.11910
Fairlie’s BooksTownsend, J.L.11125
Fairlie’s grave (SN)252
Fairlie’s Steam Bogie CarriageHewett, J.10829
Fairlies on the WHRWeaver, C.R.169
Fairlies, Double, on the WHRGray, A.C.9118
Fairlies, Double, on the WHR (letter)Wilson, A.9243
Fairlies, New ZealandTreloar, P.5912
Farewell, and thanksPowell, J.1233
Faux HeritageRainbow, R.8437
Festiniog & Blaenau Railway, purchase by GWR7410
Festiniog & Welsh Highland Railways3326
Festiniog & Welsh Highland Railways, 193410634
Festiniog in Colour – further notesHanlon, R.4716
Festiniog in Colour – observationsHanlon, R.4610
Festiniog Mineral Extension, TheNeale, A.506
Festiniog Personalities12125
Festiniog Personalities1235
Festiniog Railway 1955 to 1957Corley, D. & Alexander, J.9712
Festiniog Railway 1955 to 1957Corley, D. & Alexander, J.12119
Festiniog Railway 1955 to 1957Corley, D. & Alexander, J.12217
Festiniog Railway – opening of steam communciation5916
Festiniog Railway Collection, The creation of myRender, B.5121
Festiniog Railway Company, The Constitution of the8113
Festiniog Railway Ephemera14843
Festiniog Railway EphemeraDenholm, M.14937
Festiniog Railway Ephemera, More15046
Festiniog Railway of today, 1924Gairns, J.F.188
Festiniog Railway Preservation Scheme, ProposedHeath Humphrys, L.A.11332
Festiniog Railway ReminiscencesCooper, E.8123
Festiniog Railway Today, The (1956)Barratt, R.J.10520
Festiniog Railway, Death on theJohnson, P.13829
Festiniog Railway, Death on the (letter)Davies, A.M.13949
Festiniog Railway, Death on the IIJohnson, P.14443
Festiniog Railway, Into the Mountains on the (1958 A.G.M.)Kirkland, R.K.7826
Festiniog Railway, Summertime on theHarvey, N.10832
Festiniog Railway, TheBoughey, F.10313
Festiniog Railway, TheOates, G.14930
Festiniog Railway, The Revival ofOates, G.14925
Festiniog RevivalWayne, F.2110
Festiniog Tunnel WorksDown, Dr.C.G.7113
Festiniog Works Diesels & other non-steam locomotivesCole, G.535
Festiniog Works Diesels locomotives, Part IIBradley, V.J.544
Festiniog, A long way to theLeuteritz, K.2418
Festiniog, Early Days on theHollins, P.9926
Festiniog, Government Control and theJanes, B.10048
Festiniog, Memories of the oldHopkinson, S.14123
Festival of Transport & Energy 1987Harris, P.L.107
Ffestiniog Railway Heritage Ltd758
Ffestiniog Railway Magazine, Indexing theChippindale, C.13744
Ffestiniog Railway, Early Experiences of theWaters, I.988
Ffestiniog Railway, Early Experiences of the, Part 2Waters, I.9910
Ffestiniog Railway, The World Famous (even in China)Molyneux-Berry, P.13636
Fifties, Some Recollections of theCunningham, R.8415
Fifty years ago; recollections of 1955Gurley, N.F.7412
Film collecting, ArchiveCatchpole, K.3219
Film collection – progressCatchpole, K.1913
Film Library of unique FR historyCatchpole, K.177
Finances, Heritage Group (ON)472
Finding former FR employees, A new approachHewitt, J.9618
Firemen, FR Engine Drivers &Hewett, J.1048
First Meetings with the TR & The FRPerrier, C.6617
Fitters, etc., FR Old CompanyHewett, J.1039
Flying bench (or tent) (ON)5510
Forbidden Fruits – available in bagsRushton, A.J.G.252
Fortunes of WarTownsley, D.H.4111
FR50 Celebrations – some ideasGray, A.C. & Ward, P.765
FR50 Jubilee Dinner (ON)786
FR150 – announcementSeymour, M.48
FR150 – reportHewett, J.711
FR150 (C)52
FR150 sales items58
FR175 (ON)883
FR175 (ON)893
FR175 (ON)904
FR & WHR 1934 (letter)Maund, R.12049
FR Census Project – an update, TheHewett, J.10019
FR Census Project, TheHewett, J.9914
FR EncounterStocker, G.14517
FR Encounter (letter)Stocker, G.14646
FR Heritage LtdGray, A.C.799
FR Heritage LtdGray, A.C.11127
FR in the 1940’s, TheWilson, D.H.274
FR Model Kits – Port Wynnstay Models739
FR Old Company Fitters, etc.Hewett, J.1039
FR Staff and their Christmas Boxes, MoreScott, E.10614
FR Station Masters 1871-1911Hewett, J.10052
FR Telephones (letter)Asquith, P.13846
FR Telephones (letter)Oulton, T.13846
FR Telephones (letter)Johnson, P.13851
FR v CEGB 1954-8Hewett, J.7512
FR vs CEGB, Part IIHewett, J.7613
FR, early (letter)Garraway, A.W.G.2713
FR, The Uniqueness of theRichards, A.1217
FR/Decauville influence (letter)Townsend, J.10539
Fraser Photos11321
Fred Boughey’s Account of the FR (letter)Maund, R.10437
Freddies Fantastic Rail-tour….H G A.G.M. Special 1998Newham, D.F.554
French Connection II, TheTownsend, J.L.1149
French Connection II, The (letter)Swift, P.11545
French Connection, TheTownsend, J.L.1068
Friends of Tan-y-bwlch912
Frimbo, E.M., Rogers E.M. Whittaker and (E)1073
Frimbo, Ernest MalcolmHarris, P.L.9510
From the ArchivesWard, Pat736
From the ArchivesWard, P.7732
FRS Life membership numbers3620
Full FlushWilson, D.H., Ward, G.6121
Funkey LocomotivesWilliams, H.9435
Further L.A.G. Working party RecollectionsLayzell-Ward, Pat4129
Fusible Plugs etc., OnRainbow, R.A.4724


G.I.M. No.13514
Gala 90MacGregor, P.223
Gala 1990, notice1615
Gala 1995 (ON)412
Gala 1995 (ON)424
Gala 1997 (ON)492
Gala ’93, H.G. stand at Boston LodgePyatt, R.3222
GarlandstoneHarris, P.L.1216
Garnedd Tunnel and U Boat, Fact or FictionHowes, D.F.11332
Garnedd Tunnel, Roy Goldstraw and theWilson, H.8543
Garraway, Allan (SN)1205
Garraway, Allan, A Personal Appreaciation (obit)Ronald, D.W.1207
Garraway, Allan, retirement (C)71
Garraway, Connie, contribution (L)Lee, M.12239
Garraway’s bathWilson, D.H.3427
Gas Lamps at MinfforddMitchell, J.C.V.8137
Gas Lamps at Minffordd (letter)Davis, M.8236
Gas ProducerHarrison, P.R.6824
Gaskell, Mrs, and the Holland Family (letter)Andrews, J.8639
Gaskell, Mrs, and the Holland Family (letter)Townsend, J.8741
Gelert’s Farm MuseumDearden, C.9112
George England’s loco livery, etc. (letter)Maynard, T.10540
George Sholto, An account of the firstClayton, D.499
George, David Lloyd and Bron y Garth (letter)Briscoe, C.9640
Gethin Jones tramway (letter)Dennis, P.6836
Gethin Tramway, The Possible (letter)Townsend, J.14748
Gillham, John (letter)Ryatt, R.10843
Gimlet RockAndrews, J.92
Girdlestone, Phil (SN)1268
Girl Guides, BelgianHowes, D.F.12416
Glan y Pwll (letter)Binns, R.11437
Gleaned from the InternetAlexander, J.L.6830
Going to work on the FRLewis, M.J.T.207
Golden Glow, Moelwyn’s headlightWaters, I.M.627
Golden Glow, Moelwyn’s headlight (letter)Baker, Stuart L.6334
Golden Glow, Moelwyn’s headlight (letter)Smart, I.6334
Goldstraw, Roy and the Garnedd TunnelWilson, H.8543
Good-old Bad-old DaysMatthews, P.6624
Goods Rolling Stock, Ffestiniog (letter)Garraway, A.G.W.7940
Goods Rolling Stock, Ffestiniog (letter)Davis, J.M.8039
Goods Rolling Stock, Ffestiniog, Part 1Bateman, F.7822
Goods Rolling Stock, Ffestiniog, Part 2Bateman, F.7911
Goods Rolling Stock, Ffestiniog, Part 3Bateman, F.8017
Goods Rolling Stock, Ffestiniog, Part 4Bateman, F.816
Goods Rolling Stock, Ffestiniog, Part 5Bateman, F.828
Goods Rolling Stock, Ffestiniog, Part 6Bateman, F.8321
Gorsedda Junction and Portmadoc Railways Company 14541
Gorsedda Tramway (letter)Gooch, J.7632
Gorseddau Tramway (letter)Dennis, P.7739
Gorseddau Tramway, Route of the (letter)Meldon, B.9839
Gossip, Railway29
Government Control and the FestiniogJanes, B.10048
GowrieWeaver, C.R.306
Gowrie (letter)Clayton, D.5832
Gowrie (letter)Jones, Dr G.P.9544
Gowrie part IIWilson, D.H.308
Gowrie part IIIWeaver, C.R.313
Gowrie part IVBradley, V.J.326
Gowrie part VWeaver, C.R.3324
Gowrie part VIBishop, M.J.356
Gowrie part VIIBradley, V.J.3619
Gowrie part VIII, Further thoughts onNeale, A.5129
Grave, C.E. Spooner’sKeylock, C.J.5525
Grave, James Spooner’sHewett, J.9931
Gravity train – TV-AM run (SN)252
Gravity train – TV-AM run (SN)263
Gravity train (ON)695
Gravity train, A Frenchman Rides on aGwyn, D.11420
Gravity train, The Isaac NewtonHarris, P.L.811
Great Railway Eras (E)893
Greaves really John Whitehead Holland, Was SamuelHarris, P.L.1512
Green (pale) paper on heritageWeaver, C.R.25
Green paper on heritageWilson, D.H.23
Green, Mr. J.R.W. (letter)Wilson, D.H.6732
Grogan, TheCole, G.5314
Group Activities (SN)1306
Group Funds (ON)975
Group Sales ItemsPyatt, R.4028
Group Sales Officer, Situation Vacant865
Group’s Progress, TheHigh, D.10012
Grouping (letter)Bishop, M.8434
Grouping (letter)Janes, B.8434
Grouping (letter)Johnson, P.8435
Grouping and the Festiniog, TheJanes, B.8314
Grouping, FR at the, What Might Have BeenGreen, M.1178
Groups activities (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.1514
Groups activities (letter)Jacot, M.1515
Guard’s life, It’s aSparks, H.3215
Guards Electric Wash BasinWilson, D.H.6231
Guards, Signalmen, Platelayers, Administrators, etc.Hewett, J.1049
Guards’ Electric BasinWilson, D.H.3821
Guide Book extracts279
Guidebook, The firstTreloar, P.6913
Gunpowder sales and storage sheds (letter)Gray, A.C.10436
Gunpowder sales and websites (letter)Townsend, J.10539
Gunpowder shedsWilson & Rayner2810
Gunpowder Store (letter)Wilson, A.7338
Gurley Special, The NormanWilson, H.779
Gurley, Norman F. (E)773
Gurley, Norman F. (ON)777
GWR Transfer TrafficHewett, J.1066
Gwynedd Archives, Caernarfon, A day atHewett, J.8632
Gysgfa (letter)Rainbow, R.A.5330


HalifaxHarris, P.L.1914
Halliwell, G.G.F. (letter)Broadbent, W.7537
Halsall, John (obituary)Gray, A.C.969
HANSAG Working Party (letter)Temple, M.13240
Harbour Signalling Scheme c1970Josey, D.13517
Harbour Signalling Scheme c1970Josey, D.13714
Harbour Station (E)793
Harbour Station (letter)Rudd, I.11043
Harbour Station (letter)Clayton, E.E.11045
Harbour Station and Museum (letter)Rainbow, R.8438
Harbour Station Grass (letter)Merrick, T.13547
Harbour Station Redevelopment (SN)1197
Harbour Station, 1935 Photo of Taliesin atGray, A.C.8443
Harbour Station, The Drains ofSkellern, A.1097
Harbour Station, The Trespass Notice at (letter)Smallman, R.10637
Harbour Station, The WHR in Port and the Future forGray, A.C.839
Harlech CastleCole, G.5312
HaroldCole, G.539
Harold Wilson (letter)Stretton, J.8235
Harris, Paul (obituary)Harris, L. & Gray, A.C.1298
Harris, Peter, 1950-2010 (obituary)1014
Hatcham Ironworks (letter)Why, D.10943
Haulage, Peckett, Four Days Across the PenninesBentley, M.8728
Headlamps, Locomotive (ON)958
Hearse Car, AnotherMitchell, J.C.V.4020
Hearse Car, Another4220
Hearse van, The3022
Heath-Humphrys, Len, announcement of death643
Heath-Humphrys, Leonard (obituary)Cunningham, R.646
Heath-Humphrys, Leonard A. (obituary)Broadbent, W.648
Heath-Humphrys, Restoration of FR / More on L.Broadbent, W.6511
Heritage – A non-profit-making pastSudlow, C.198
Heritage (E)141
Heritage (SN)143
Heritage asset registerGray, A.C.877
Heritage atmosphere (SN)362
Heritage award (letter)Rainbow, R.A.5330
Heritage AwarenessHewett, J.10337
Heritage Building in Use, AnotherWalker, R.13742
Heritage EngravingsHarris, P.L.4826
Heritage Group achievements (SN)1004
Heritage Group album (E)351
Heritage Group album (E)361
Heritage Group publicationsGray, A.C.916
Heritage Group, My 25 Years of theHewett, J.1006
Heritage Group, The Development ofRonald, D.W.504
Heritage is a junk wordWilson, D.H.237
Heritage Journey, OurGwynn, D.10711
Heritage Journey, Our (SN)1065
Heritage Lottery Fund (SN)1105
Heritage Lottery Fund bid1137
Heritage Lottery Fund development grant1046
Heritage Lottery Fund grant (SN)1348
Heritage Project Review Oct 2002Hewett, J.718
Heritage Projects (SN)1024
Heritage Projects (SN)1326
Heritage Projects, Funding forGray, A.C. & Powell, J.1158
Heritage Sales, Tickets of YesteryearCunningham, R.5025
Heritage Small Objects Store (letter)Hedger, D.14042
Heritage thoughtsA., P.87
Heritage thoughts – replyLambert, A.Ll.910
Heritage thoughts – replyWilson, D.H.911
Heritage waggons (letter)Bate, J.10746
Heritage waggons (letter)Gray, A.C.10839
Heritage waggons (letter)Welland, F.10840
Heritage Waggons; PW Use from 1964Howes, D.F.11031
Heritage Weekend (SN)1024
Heritage working partiesHigh, D.R.5332
Heritage, A journey into ourGray, A.C.1037
Heritage, Post-restorationGray, A.C.12340
Hewett, Jim, Retirement as Chairman (SN)995
HG Journal 108Maund, R.10944
HG Journal 119 (letter)Smallman, R.12050
HG Journal 122 (letters)Various12445
HG Journal 129, Matters Arising fromDennis, P.13040
HG Journal 129, Photos in (letters)Various13051
HG Journal 130 (letter)Padley, J.13153
HG Journal 131 (letter)Howes, D.F.13240
HG Journal 132 (letter)Howes, D.F.13348
HG Journal 132 (letter)Rainbow, R.13348
HG Journal 132 (letter)Alexander, J.13349
HG Journal 132 (letter)Smith, R.13448
HG Journal 135 (letter)High, D.13649
HG Journal 135 (letter)Howes, F.13649
HG Journal 135 (letter)Jarvis, P.13649
HG Journal 135 (letter)Temple, M.13649
HG Journal 136 (letter)Ogden, R.13749
HG Journal 136 (letter)Dennis, P.13749
HG Journal 140 captions (letter)High, D.14250
HG Journal 143 (letter)Savage, A.14445
HG Journal 148 (letter)Howes, D.F.14951
HG Journal 148 cover photo (letter)Rainbow, R.14951
HG Journal 149 cover photo (letter)Rainbow, R.15051
High Street Halt (letter)Maund, R.12348
High Trees, The Tylers ofCalcutt, J.10115
High Trees, The Tylers ofCalcutt, J.10219
High Trees, The Tylers ofCalcutt, J.10330
High-Speed Data Transfer 1911727
Historic House, An, a Power Station and the Ffestiniog RailwayLloyd, P.14536
Historic Paintings Project Aug 1998Hawkins, P.5430
Historic Paintings Project August 1999Hawkins, P.5830
Historic Paintings Project August 2000Hawkins, P.6233
Historic Paintings Project August 2001Hawkins, P.6632
Historic Paintings Project August 2003Hawkins, P.7436
Historic Paintings Project August 2004Hawkins, P.7834
Historic Paintings Project Feb 1998Hawkins, P.5229
Historic Paintings Project Feb 2000Hawkins, P.6033
Historic Paintings Project Feb 2001Hawkins, P.6433
Historic Paintings Project Feb 2002Hawkins, P.6833
Historic Paintings Project Feb 2003Hawkins, P.7237
Historic Paintings Project May 1999Hawkins, P.5730
Historic Paintings Project May 2000Hawkins, P.6126
Historic Paintings Project May 2001Hawkins, P.6531
Historic Paintings Project May 2002Hawkins, P.6932
Historic Paintings Project May 2003Hawkins, P.7328
Historic Paintings Project May 2004Hawkins, P.7734
Historic Paintings Project Nov 1998Hawkins, P.5526
Historic Paintings Project Nov 1999Hawkins, P.5934
Historic Paintings Project Nov 2000Hawkins, P.6332
Historic Paintings Project Nov 2001Hawkins, P.6731
Historic Paintings Project Nov 2002Hawkins, P.7127
Historic Paintings Project Nov 2003Hawkins, P.7535
Historic Rolling StockDavies, P. V-3113
Historic vehicles on the moveGray, A.C.696
Historic Views of the FR May 1997Hawkins, P.4927
Histories of the FR, Boyd’s, Some CommentsGray, A.C.8730
History, Correct Recording of (letter)Dennis, P.14132
History, Correct Recording of (letter)Smith, H.14248
History, Correct Recording of (letter)Backhouse, R.14249
History, Official (SN)1246
Holiday Haunts 1947Hoskin, C.15034
Holland Families, TheTownsend, J.L.8515
Holland family (letters)Various7837
Holland, Lt. Col. James (letter)Townsend, J.L.7629
Holland, Was Samuel Greaves really John WhiteheadHarris, P.L.1512
Holland-Hibbert, Arthur Henry, Viscount Knutsford (letter)Hanson, D.8938
Hollands, Link between FR & Col. James (letter)Dennis, P.7737
Holyhead Road, The (letter)Lyall, D.8843
Horse haulage (letter)Gooch, J.7340
Horse haulage (letter)Gray, A.C.7438
Hounslow & Osterley Light Railway, TheAnderson, P.10217
Huddart Family, TheHewett, J.9314
Huddarts of Brynkir, TheDennis, P.9633
Hudson coach frames (letter)Wilson, A.10063
Hudson coach frames (letter)Rainbow, R.A.10438
Hughes locos (letter)Toms, G.6236
Hughes locos (letter)Toms, G.6435
Hughes, John Sylvester – an interview7010
Hughes, John Sylvester – in Spooner’s ShadowJohnson, P.12827
Hunslet Locomotives in NantlleGwyn, D.6324
Hydraulic Ram (letter)Rainbow, R.A.4930
Hydraulic Ram (letter)Kidner, R.W.5035
Hydraulic Ram (letter)Rainbow, R.A.5330


I ConfessGray, A.C.6510
Illustrations, Early FR (sales item)Cunningham, R.4825
In Memoriam Register (letter)Pearce, N. & Wilson, H.5634
Inclines, MoelwynHedger, D.6812
Indenture, The TunnelHewett, J.10737
Index (SN)292
Indexing the Ffestiniog Railway MagazineChippindale, C.13744
Industrial Gwynedd – proposed journal3727
Industrial Gwynedd (letter)Gwyn, D.5032
Industrial Revolution in N.Wales (letter)Mitchell, J.C.V.3724
Information panels (ON)665
Inspector Reports6023
Insurance (SN)242
Interesting Comparison, AnHewett, J.10834
IntroductionWilliams, G.1257
Introduction of new Chairman (SN)1255
Introduction of new Secretary (SN)22
Introduction to North WalesShephard, M.595
Ioan MadogLewis, M.J.T.3916
Ioan MadogLewis, M.J.T.4012
Iron Coal Waggon, 2-tonHigh, W.13527
Iron Waggons, The FirstHigh, D.R.1048
Iron Waggons, The First (letter)Hewett, J.10538
IsalltHarris, P.L.4723
It’s Back (Minffordd station lamp)Waters, I.746


J.E.R.?, Who wasHarris, P.L.628
Jack MacInnes, Henry (letter)Bishop, M.8137
Jack, Henry JosephGwyn, D.255
Jack, Henry JosephMander, D.2622
Jack, Henry JosephHarris, P.L.809
Jack, Henry Joseph – a re-appraisalJohnson, P.12619
Jack, Henry Joseph (letter)Padley, J.6336
Jack, Henry Joseph (letter)Maund, R.12745
Jack, Henry Joseph (letter)Rainbow, R.12746
James Spooner at Tan y BwlchJones, C.G.12446
James Spooner, model (SN)202
James Spooner, new (SN)1256
JaneCole, G.535
Jarvis, Ron, at 100Bond, N. and Jarvis, J.1079
JASPER Group, The Films of Major Charles Walker and theWilson, H.959
Jellicoe Specials (letter)Maund, R.11142
John Alexander’s fading photographGray, A.C.7414
Jones v FR (letter)Jones, D.12747
Jones, Bessie (letter)Jones, B.L.6133
Jones, Bessie and James Szlumper (letter)Johnson, P.9339
Jones, Griffith RobertDavies, P. V-5319
Jones, John (letter)Evans, J.S.5232
Jones, Owain GethinGwyn, D.5420
Jones, WillSkellern, A.10415
Jones, Will & Bessie – a personal recollectionDavies, P. V.4921
Jones, Will, InterviewHewett, J.12519
Jones, Will, Tales from part 2Hewett, J.12933
Jones, Will, TrolleyHowes, D.F.1277
Journal 47, Comments on, Corrections & Additions toGray, A.C.4819
Journal 75 – Pictures (letter)Jarvis, P.7626
Journal 86 cover photoGray, A.C.877
Journal 96 photos (letters)Various9742
Journal 100 cover painting (letter)Organ, J.10139
Journal 106Maund, R.10839
Journal 115Gray, A.C.11610
Journal 115 (letter)Harris, B.11635
Journal 115 (letter)Savage, A.11636
Journal 115 (letter)Anderson, P.11636
Journal 120 (letter)Savage, A.J.12151
Journal 120 (letter)Martin, D.12151
Journal 127 (letter)Stocker, G.12851
Journal BindingGray, A.C.4023
Journal DistributionGray, A.C.3723
Journal, Change of editor (SN)1267
Joyce, William, Lord Haw-HawHarris, P.L.3922
Junk disposal (E)481


Karl Marx Incident, TheBond, N.14441
Keeping Trains Apart, Introducing Steam TractionJosey, D.12423
Kellow drill (letter)Weaver, C.R.2717
Kellow drill (letter)Knowles, J.5030
Kellow drill, Some further thoughts on theKnowles, J.268
Kellow electric loco (letter)Hay, J.6035
Kellow, MosesWeaver, C.R.79
Kellow, Moses (1862-1943)Knowles, J.4412
Kerr Stuart 4415Cole, G.5314
Kerr Stuart 4415Ratcliffe, T.5820
Kerr Stuart 4415High, D.12534
Kerr Stuart 4415High, D.1359
Kerr Stuart 4415High, D.1366
Kerr Stuart 4415High, D.14010
Kerr Stuart 4415High, D.1458
Kerr Stuart 4415High, D.1464
Kerr Stuart 4415High, D.1477
Kerr Stuart 4415High, D.1489
Kerr Stuart 4415 – An Incredible SurvivorAllan, D.11318
Kerr Stuart 4415 – an updateGray, A.C.8221
Kerr Stuart 4415 – an updateSavage, A.9227
Kerr Stuart 4415 – Restoring and fund raisingSmith, H.6729
Kerr Stuart 4415 (letter)Smith, H.8233
Kerr Stuart 4415 (letter)High, D.14950
Kerr Stuart 4415 (ON)516
Kerr Stuart 4415 (ON)915
Kerr Stuart 4415 (SN)1136
Kerr Stuart 4415, End of Year reportWalker, R.11316
Kerr Stuart 4415, significance of (E)943
Kerr Stuart 4415, The Recovery ofJaubert, O.8334
Kerr Stuart 4415 ProgressHigh, D.12818
Kerr Stuart 4415 Restoration ProgressHigh, D.1309
Kerr Stuart Diesel Locomotive 4415High, D.10056
Kerr Stuart Fairlie, The (letter)Dickins, W.11737
Kerr Stuart Fairlie, The (letter)Townsend, J.L.11738
Kerr Stuart Fairlie, The (letter)Savage, A.11843
Keylock, C. John (obituary)1159
Kid’s Week 2002 (ON)704
Kid’s Week 2014 (SN)11810
Kidner, Roger W. (obituary)918


Ladies of PenrhynWeaver, C.R.334
Ladies, Liaisons with theDennis, P.1339
Lambert, Arthur (obituary)1153
Lamps, gas (ON)462
Land transfer, Boston Lodge (letter)Hedger, D.9147
Lantern Slide – Accident on Festiniog Railway N. Wales c1900Gray, A.C.8116
Lantern Slide (letter)Carey, A.8236
Lantern Slide (letter)Hedger, D.9148
Lantern Slide, AnotherGray, A.C.8419
Lawson-Kerr, Mr CDakin, K.10843
Lectures (SN)203
Letter that began it all, The9124
Letter that began it all, The (letter)Davies, M.9244
Letter that started it all, Another9226
Lewis, Comments from BunnyLewis, Bunny3717
Lewis, David R. ‘Bunny’ (obituary)856
Lewis, EllisPritchard, M.14631
Life membership numbers, FRS3620
Light railwaysHewett, J.10714
Linda & BlancheJarvis, P.N.3322
Linda & Blanche: The early FR yearsHarris, R.3311
Linda (letter)Ellis, M.8235
Linda at Tan y Bwlch BridgeHowes, D.F.11546
Linda, Journal 75 photo (letter)Garraway, A.G.W.G.7635
Linda, Journal 81 photo (letter)Skillicorn, K.8344
Linda, Journal 81 photo (letter)Mace, C.8434
Linda’s derailment7416
Little Blunder – The Double Engine That Never WasHarris, R.13425
Little Giants – Some Additional InformationKnowles, J.1385
Little Gwion’s Column1415
Livingston Thompson (C)52
Livingston Thompson (C)91
Livingston Thompson (E)101
Livingston Thompson (E)161
Livingston Thompson progressHarris, P.L.101
Livingston Thompson reportSeymour, M.91
Livingston Thompson Trophy 1986812
Livingston Thompson Trophy 2016 (SN)1276
Livingston Thompson Trophy & Heritage Display, TheWilliams, G.14946
Livingston Thompson Trophy (L)Rudd, I.12151
Livingston Thompson Trophy (ON)605
Livingston Thompson Trophy (ON) 1996503
Livingston Thompson Trophy (ON) 1997516
Livingston Thompson Trophy (SN)312
Livingston Thompson, Saving of10833
Livingston Thompson, spelling (letter)Weaver, C.R.1010
Livingston, John Graves, The Grave ofTemple, M.14828
Llandudno Junction – Blaenau Ffestiniog Line in 2ft GaugeWilson, D.H.7830
Llaneusant windmill28
Llangollen Area, Narrow Gauge in theRainbow, R.8333
Lloyd George, The Life of4928
Lloyd, Henry - telegraph engineerJohnson, P.14032
Llyn MairHall, G.6130
Llyn Mair (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.6134
LMS in Blaenau, The8634
LMS in Blaenau, TheIsherwood, G.8832
LMS in Blaenau, The (letter)Cunningham, R.8744
LMS in Blaenau, The (letter)Steele, J.8843
LMS in Blaenau, The (letter)Organ, J.8936
LNW line from Bettws To BlaenauClayton, D.4814
LNWR Tunnel – postscriptGray, A.C.7220
Local Railway Pictures, OldLloyd, P.14241
Loco crews, Bala – Blaenau (letter)Swift, P.10339
Loco Crises are nothing new!Gray, A.C.4727
Loco Names and NumbersBate, J.10416
Loco’s of the early post-restoration FR, Some I.C.Smart, I.2612
Locomotive for the Festiniog Railway8510
Locomotive headlamps (ON)958
Locomotive headlamps, replicaGray, A.C.1077
Locomotive headlamps, replica11138
Locomotive Leasing, 1870s FR StyleDennis, P.7725
Locomotive liveriesWeaver, C.R.169
Locomotive Mystery Part III, A North-WalesClayton, D.4016
Locomotive Mystery, North WalesClayton, D.365
Locomotive Mystery, North WalesKnowles, J.5927
Locomotive Mystery, North Wales (letter)Padley, J.3725
Locomotives (letter)Clayton, D.4433
Locomotives of the Future14813
Locomotives, Early FR (letter)Owain, S. Ab10539
Locomotives, FunkeyWilliams, H.9435
Locomotives, The advert for the first FR,Bishop, M.J.5527
Lodging turns (letter)Johnson, P.10339
Lodging turns in Blaenau (letter)Dennis, P.10439
London A.G. working parties, Recollections of earlyGurley, N.F.4126
London A.G. Working party Recollections, FurtherLayzell-Ward, Pat4129
Long & Short section staff working: Penrhyn c1970Josey, D.13826
Long Room (letter)Alexander, J.7335
Long Room (letter)Wilson, H.7336
Long Room (letter)Matthews, P.7337
Long Room (letter)Garraway, A.W.G.7339
Long Service Badges againWilson, H.8433
Long shed (letter)Weaver, C.R.2717
Long Shed Roof etc.Bradley, V.J.395
Lord Haw-Haw, Coed-y-bleiddiau & the bombing runDavies, P. V-377
Lord Haw-Haw, William JoyceHarris, P.L.3922
Lowmoor and other iron companiesHedger, D.9148
Lyd – Another Day Dream?Why, D.13234


Mac (letter)Savage, A.15051
Mac (letter)Sparks, H.15051
Maddocks & the Wonder of Wales, A taste ofHarris, P.L.4829
Maenofferen shed (ON)425
Maenofferen shed (ON)684
Maenofferen shed (ON)694
Maenofferen shed (ON)704
Maenofferen shed (SN)173
Maenofferen shed proposalsRushton, A.J.G.173
Maenofferen sheds – work neededRushton, A.J.G.92
Maenofferen sheds (E)101
Maenofferen sheds (ON)624
Maenofferen sheds (ON)644
Maenofferen sheds (SN)262
Maenofferen sheds (SN)304
Maenofferen slate wagons (ON)875
Maenofferen wharf display (ON)605
Maenofferen wharf display (ON)645
Maentwrog Power Station – a replantBindon, F.J.L.384
Maentwrog Power station (letter)Cunningham, R.4224
Maentwrog Power Station, Beddgelert, Mary Ann &Weaver, C.R.4013
Manod, Some Mines & other sites aroundHarris, P.L.149
Maps (letter)Hadfield, T.J.4929
Maps of FR4728
Margaret (letter)Toms, G.6132
Margaret (letter)Knowles, J.6236
Maritime Continuation 1863 to 1946, part ICadwalader, Capt R.D.7712
Maritime Continuation 1863 to 1946, part IICadwalader, Capt R.D.7815
Mark 2 Quarrymen’s Replica ProgressHewett, j.973
Mark 2 Quarrymen’s Replica ProgressHewett, j.986
Marshall, Andrew (letter)Stretton, J.8039
Mary Ann & Maentwrog Power Station, BeddgelertWeaver, C.R.4013
Mary Ann & Moelwyn (letter)Smart, I.4027
Mary Ann (ON)724
Mary Ann at the Vintage Weekend (E)793
Mary Ann etc.Bradley, V.J.395
Mary Ann the SimplexHowes, F.8211
Mason Fairlies3720
Mason Fairlies (letter)Padley, J.3825
Mason Fairlies (letter)Weaver, C.R.3826
Masters, JohnRonald, D.W.33
Matter of Utmost Gravity, A, Oct. 2002Gray, A.C.719
Matters arising292
Matters arising from HGJ 89Various906
Maybury, Sir Henry Percy (letter)Townsend, J.L.13746
McLaren engines (letter)Bentley, M.14244
Measuring the FRRender et al163
Meccano Magazine, March 1936 (article on FR)Davies, P. V-3425
Medway, The Dutch in the (letter)Jarvis, P.N.10747
Meeting at Barnet, 8th Oct 1951759
Membership mattersHarrison, P.R.2624
Membership MattersHarrison, P.R.3528
Membership MattersHarrison, P.R.3728
Membership Matters4836
Membership MattersHarrison, P.R.5333
Membership, Heritage Group (SN)352
Memories of 1967Martin, D.14319
Memories of N. Wales, MoreSmith, R.679
Memory BlogHuxley, J.13312
Merddin Emrys, an appeal (photo)Charlton, D.6327
Merrick, Tom, Reply to (letter)Huxley, J.13550
Mileposts, SlateWilson, S.10325
Mileposts, SlateWilson, S.11036
Milestone restoration (ON)884
Milestones, Festiniog RailwayWilson, S.8327
Milestones, Festiniog RailwayWilson, S.12110
Military Matters (letter)Temple, M.13240
Military Matters (letter)Maynard, T.13241
Military Matters, Festiniog RailwayAlexander, J.13112
Military Railways in World War IRudgard, T.8925
Military Railways in World War IRansom, J.9337
Minas d’ Alonso Railway (letter)Padley, J.2713
Mines Group (ON)915
Minffordd booking office (letter)Savage, A.J.1319
Minffordd booking office (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.1414
Minffordd booking office (ON)644
Minffordd caravan (letter)Mitchell, J.C.V.13152
Minffordd down shelter (C)406
Minffordd down shelter (ON)493
Minffordd down shelter (ON)503
Minffordd down shelter (ON)524
Minffordd down shelter (ON)614
Minffordd down shelter (ON)625
Minffordd down shelter (ON)634
Minffordd down shelter (ON)643
Minffordd down shelter (ON)653
Minffordd down shelter (ON)664
Minffordd down shelter (ON)684
Minffordd down shelter (ON)693
Minffordd down shelter (ON)704
Minffordd down shelter (SN)172
Minffordd down shelter (SN)183
Minffordd down shelter (SN)195
Minffordd down shelter (SN)353
Minffordd down shelter (SN)373
Minffordd down shelter fund (SN)1055
Minffordd Goods Shed (SN)1267
Minffordd HutHorrocks, W.G.195
Minffordd HutGray, A.C.203
Minffordd huts (SN)202
Minffordd lineside hut, More on theGray, A.C.2618
Minffordd RevisitedMRFS12124
Minffordd shelter opening (ON) Oct. 2002716
Minffordd station lamp, It’s BackWaters, I.746
Minffordd Yard (SN)1287
Minffordd Yard by Rail, Last Loads toWilson, S.12317
Minffordd yard display (SN)313
Minffordd Yard slate-clad shed, Pt.2Coulson, S.626
Minffordd Yard Tin ShedHowes, D.F.12042
Minffordd Yard, Bridge Rail in7724
Minffordd Yard, Bridge Rail in (letter)Hedger, D.7844
Minffordd Yard, Slate-clad shed inHancock, C. & Oulton. T.6020
Minffordd, Gas Lamps at (letter)Mitchell, V.8137
Minffordd, Palmerston atGray, A.C. & Jones, C.9419
Minffordd, Palmerston at (letter)Hewett, J.9544
MinimWeaver, C.R.7322
Minim DeposedWeaver, C.R.5013
Miscellany, ASteel, J.2827
Mitchell, Barbara (obituary)1248
Mitchell, VicDakin, K.14550
Mitchell, Vic, 1934-2021 (obituary)Castledine, A.1444
Mixed Train formation 1988Stapleton, F.G.A.158
Model Engineer Exhibition (SN)353
Model Engineer Exhibition (SN)363
Model Fairlie, Another (letter)Sullivan, S.14133
Modelling notesRonald, D.W.811
Modelling Section NewsRonald, D.W.45
Modelling Section NewsRonald, D.W.78
Modelling Section notesRonald, D.W.102
Modelling section reportRonald, D.24
Models, Early FestiniogRonald, D.W.13642
Models, Early Festiniog (letter)Rainbow, R.A.13748
Models, Early Festiniog (letter)Wallace, K.13749
Models, Early Festiniog (letter)Hyde, A.13842
Models, Early Festiniog (letter)Wilson, H.R.L.13844
Models, Early Festiniog (letter)Merrick, T.13844
Models, More FR13945
Modern ArchivesGray, A.C.10813
Moel HebogCole, G.537
Moel Hebog (letter)Johnson, P.5433
Moel Hebog (letter)Sneller, H.5528
Moel Tryfan & Snowdon Ranger etc.Bradley, V.J.395
Moel Tryfan (letter)Plenty, R.8036
Moel Tryfan (SN)274
Moel Tryfan, The last ofBroadbent, W.7415
Moel Ystradau Quarries, TanygrisiauLeleux, S.A.4710
Moelwyn 1999Smart, I.6027
Moelwyn & Mary Ann (letter)Smart, I.4027
Moelwyn (letter)Smart, I.3827
Moelwyn (ON)543
Moelwyn (ON)563
Moelwyn appeal422
Moelwyn etc.Bradley, V.J.395
Moelwyn Express & Dduallt Daily Digger (letter)Maynard, T.9840
Moelwyn Express & Dduallt Daily Digger (letter)Dakin, K.9939
Moelwyn InclinesHedger, D.6812
Moelwyn InclinesHewett, J.698
Moelwyn Inclines (letter)Wilson, D.H.6935
Moelwyn Tunnel, New13440
Moelwyn Tunnel, Signalling the, 1860sJosey, D.13419
Moelwyn Tunnel, The Breakaway inBoyd, J.I.C.9014
Moelwyn Zinc MineOwen, R.4313
Moelwyn Zinc mine (letter)Padley, J.4929
Moelwyn Zinc Mine (letters)Knowles, J.5030
Moelwyn Zinc Mine, Tunnel NorthGray, A.C.478
Moelwyn, The Baldwin 45h.p. petrol tractorGray, A.C.374
Moelwyn’s headlight, Golden GlowWaters, I.M.627
Money, The value ofHewett, J.9229
Money, The value of (letter)Townsend, J.9439
MonsterCole, G.5313
Morgan, Arwyn, Picture (letter)Harris, B.9640
Morris Evans’ OilHarris, P.L.8636
Moses Kellow (1862-1943)Knowles, J.4412
Mountaineer (II)Weaver, C.R.434
Mountaineer, The ALCoHarris, B.14224
Mountains of Merioneth, Delivery in the (letter)Bentley, M.8741
Museum – A Progress reportHedger, D.7233
Museum – thanks (letter)Routley, J.49
Museum & Archive policy (E)383
Museum & Heritage Strategy Panel5928
Museum (C)511
Museum (E)461
Museum (letter)Elliot, R.4932
Museum (ON)433
Museum (ON)502
Museum (ON)559
Museum (ON)915
Museum (SN)322
Museum (SN)343
Museum (SN)352
Museum (SN)363
Museum at Gelerts Farm (ON)523
Museum DevelopmentsGray, A.C.878
Museum reopening – press releaseSeymour, M.31
Museum ReportWeston, P.5729
Museum Store, Update from theHedger, D.T.C.8011
Museum, A suggestion for a NewWaters, I.M.5130
Museum, Gelert’s FarmDearden, C.9112
Museum, Slate, Sail & SteamGray, A.C.657
Museums & ArchivesChicken, B.W.O.2420
Museums Maps & ArchivesHiggins, D.D.4717
Mystery bogie carriage (letter)Hedger, D.9148
Mystery CarriagesDennis, P.13531
Mystery People, More11537
Mystery Plan (letter)Duckworth, S.12349
Mystery Plan, FR Clothing and theJohnson, P.12436
Mystery, North Wales LocomotiveKnowles, J.5927
Mystery, PhotographicGray, A.C.685


N.W.N.G.R. – Spring Report on the,3518
N.W.N.G.R. Carriage No. 10, WHR No. 23Padley, J.747
N.W.N.G.R. Carriages, including the one in photo 84Bishop, W.H.5211
N.W.N.G.R. mystery carriage (letter)Padley, J.5031
N.W.N.G.R., An accident on the5320
N.W.N.G.R., An accident on the (letter)Bishop, M.J.5536
N.W.N.G.R., Concerning thePrideaux, J.C.A.5126
Nannau, Recollections ofDavies, P. V-6421
Narrow Gauge Holiday, Thanks Mum. A Welsh,Mann, J.D.3921
Narrow Gauge in the Llangollen AreaRainbow, R.8333
Narrow Gauge RailwaysHewett, J.10814
Narrow Gauge Railways, The Advantages ofRainbow, R.9013
Narrow gauge steam out of PortmadocGurley, N.F.5520
Narrow Gauge Steam out of Portmadoc, people (letter)Stirling, A.5735
Narrow gauge wagons of Brittania FoundryDown, C.G.589
Narrow Gauge, Over the narrowestBishop, W.H.264
Narrow Gauge, Over the narrowest (cont.)Bishop, W.H.2723
Narrow Gauge, Over the narrowest (cont.)Bishop, W.H.2819
Narrow Gauge, Over the narrowest (cont.)Bishop, W.H.2919
National Library of Australia, An Introduction to theHewett, J.10814
National Railway Heritage Awards 2002 (ON)723
National Railway Heritage Awards 2002, announcement (ON)733
National Railway Museum, Closure at8442
New photos (E)242
New Zealand FairliesTreloar, P.5912
Newsletter Contributions912
Newsletter format (letter)Wood, P.109
Newsletters, Early Society, reprint779
Newsletters, Early Society, reprint (E)783
Newspaper ArticlesJohnson, P. & Gray, A.C.11614
Newton, The Issac – gravity trainHarris, P.L.811
Non-operational embellishments (SN)1175
Non-Slate Waggon Condition SummaryHigh, D.13534
North Wales Circular Tour, AAlexander, J.9823
North Wales Group formation211
North Wales Hydro-Electric Scheme, The 1951Isherwood, G.885
North Wales Locomotive MysteryClayton, D.365
North Wales Locomotive MysteryKnowles, J.5927
North Wales Locomotive Mystery (letter)Padley, J.3725
North Wales Slate Co. & Holborn Street (letter)Padley, J.14043
North Wales Slate Co. (letter)Donovan, P.13948
North Wales, Introduction toShephard, M.595
North-Wales Locomotive Mystery Part IIIClayton, D.4016
Not Busta but Fairbanks-MorseKeylock, C.J.8235
Not Dead but SleepingMorrison, T.9732
Notebook, Ramblings without aChicken, B.10029
Notebook, Ramblings without aChicken, B.10127
Notebook, Ramblings without aChicken, B.10213
Notebook, Ramblings without aChicken, B.10319
Notebook, Ramblings without a (letter)Davies, M.10238
Notice, appointment of Peter Randall as GM705
Noticeboard, Rescued (letter)Chippindale, C.13846
Notices, Old (letter)Bishop, M.14136
Now go get the rest of the signatures…Wallace, K.10622


OakeleyLambert, A.Ll.94
Oakeley BS90’sWeaver, C.R.2315
Oakeley family treeLambert, A.Ll.118
Oakeley Family, A History of Plas Tan y Bwlch and theLayzell-Ward, P.1025
Oakeley Quarry, Diesel Locomotives atScott, E.819
Oakeley Quarry, The Daniel Adamson Locomotives atClayton, D.414
Oakeley Viaduct, Y Bont Goch, TheGwyn, D.8424
Oakeley, part 2Lambert, A.Ll.103
Obsolescent books (E)963
Odds & endsHarris, P.L.6930
Official History Project – A Progress ReportRonald, D.W.1258
Oil firing expimentationDennis, P.14642
Oil firing expimentation (letter)Dennis, P.14750
Old Company EmployeesHewett, J.11138
Old Company SignalsMRFS12024
Old Company Telephones and Signals (letter)Skellern, A.10638
Old Company’s Telephone System, The (letter)Oulton, T.10640
Old Comrades (ON)503
Old Photographs, Puzzles inGray, A.C.13413
Olympic-sized Researchathon (England, Fairlie and Cleminson)Dennis, P.11113
Opportunity (Probably), A UniqueCunningham, R.10338
Oral Archive Project, FRWard, Pat & Wilson, R.7222
Oswestry Connection, TheJohnson, P.14326
Oswestry Connection, The (letter)Maund, R.14450
Our Heritage Journey (SN)1065
Our Silent Chairmen and a SecretaryBroadbent, W.6713
Outside Broadcast picture in Journal 112 (letter)Padley, C.11336
Owen, Isaac & OwenClayton, D.4814
Owen, Issac & OwenPadley, J.4622
Owens, Owen, 1853-1875Johnson, P.13346
Ozokerite candles, A research note onColebourne, J.B.3125


P.B.& S.S.R. and Bruce Peebles Ltd.Weaver, C.R.2213
P.B.& S.S.R. in 1906, Electrification ofWilson, D.H.219
P.B.& S.S.R. in miniature (letter)Weaver, C.R.2718
P.B.& S.S.R. Loco model, etc.Traxson, P.2611
Paint Pony appeal, Covid and theWilliams, G.1427
Palmerston (ON)624
Palmerston at MinfforddGray, A.C. & Jones, C.9419
Palmerston at Minffordd (letter)Hewett, J.9544
Palmerston, Emily M.Harris, P.L.6513
Parc & Croesor auction, commentsLewis, M.J.T.138
Parc Slate & Slab Company (letter)Donovan, P.14134
Parkins, William13740
Parliamentry BillsPadley, C.6136
Pass, Free (letter)Bentley, M.14646
Pass, Free (letter)Gray, A.C.14746
Pass, Free (letter)Bishop, M.14746
Pass, Free (letter)Johnson, P.14746
Passenger to Penrhyndeudraeth (1957 A.G.M.)Kirkland, R.K.7720
Passenger Traffic, Preparations for – 1864Hewitt, j.9624
Passing the gravy boat the wrong way: a tale of Victorian improprietyDennis, P. & Jones, C.13427
Payling, David, Book Review (letter)Padley, J.13153
Pearce, Gwendolyn May (E)883
Pearce, Norman, Archive & Two Foot Colour LightsJosey, D.11722
Pearce, Norman’s, Heritage LegacyOulton, T.8818
Peckett 2050Weaver, R.7516
Peckett 2050 (erstwhile Volunteer) (E)843
Peckett 2050 (letter)Alexander, J.7842
Peckett 2050 (letters)Various7631
Peckett (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.6235
Peckett (SN)263
Peckett & the USTC – A ConfessionHalsall, J6427
Peckett Haulage, Four Days Across the PenninesBentley, M.8728
Peckett, HarrogateBroadbent, W./PLH6514
Peckett, VolunteerGray, A.C.606
Peckett, VolunteerBoughey, F.6131
Peckett, Volunteer (letter)Kidner, R.W.6134
Peckett, Volunteer (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.6134
Pegler, Alan Francis, OBE, FRSA (obituary)1096
Pennant, Cwm, The Valley of Lost CausesLewis, M.J.T.119
Pennant, Cwm, The Valley of Lost Causes, part 2Lewis, M.J.T.1211
Pennant’s Tours in Wales – further informationHarris, P.L.53
Penrhyn as a Block Station (letter)Maynard, T.9838
Penrhyn c1970, Long & Short section staff workingJosey, D.13826
Penrhyn Crossing Box – EditorialHarris, P.L.372
Penrhyn crossing hut (E)372
Penrhyn Crossing Hut (letter)Cunningham, R.4026
Penrhyn documentsHarris, P.L.9231
Penrhyn documents – Part 2Harris, P.L.9332
Penrhyn documents – Part 3Harris, P.L.9429
Penrhyn Excess Fare Receipt Book, TheHewett, J.10528
Penrhyn metal posts (letter)Townsend, J.L.13246
Penrhyn metal posts (letter)Day, J.13350
Penrhyn metal posts (letter)Organ, J.13350
Penrhyn metal posts (letter)Williams, G.13350
Penrhyn metal posts (letter)Townsend, J.L.13447
Penrhyn Quarry Rail (letter)Padley, J.6736
Penrhyn Quarry, Rail access to, 1801-1886Gwyn, D.7022
Penrhyn Quarry, Rail access to, 1801-1962Clayton, D.455
Penrhyn Signalling (letter)Layzell Ward, G.13950
Penrhyn station (SN)197
Penrhyn Station Operation in 1968Sparks, H.14236
Penrhyn Temporary Colour Light Signals c1970Josey, D.13222
Penrhyn, Accident at – 28th August 1896Hewett, J.10318
Penrhyn, Part 1Skellern, A.9724
Penrhyn, Part 2Skellern, A.9739
Penrhyndeudraeth, 19th Century FR WorkersHewett, J.9735
People PhotosGray, A.C.11128
People Photos (letter)Hollins, P., MBE11235
People Photos (letter)High, D.R.11238
People Photos (letter)Davies, A.M.11335
People Photos (SN)1125
Perkins, Loftus, Robert Fairlie and (letter)Townsend, J.8547
Permanent Way and James Spooner’s SurveyHopkins, J.1147
Permanent Way gangs, old company (letter)Skellern, A.10440
Permanent Way in the 1960’s, The FR’sHowes, D.F.4923
Permanent Way in the 1960’s, The FR’s, Part IIHowes, D.F.5517
Permanent Way topicsWeaver, C.R.2018
Petrol Tractor on Welsh Highland Railway, Tests of4423
Phantom Train of 1941….Davies, P. V.4722
Phillip Vaughan Davies (obituary)Jarvis, P.856
Phillips Agreement, AnotherHewett, J.11625
Phillips Agreement, TheGray, A.C.11526
Phone Number, Farewell (E)773
Photo 26H (letters)Various12348
Photo catalogue – An early ReviewGray, A.C.2414
Photo in HGJ83 p42 (letters)Various8436
Photo of Taliesin at Harbour Station, 1935Gray, A.C.8443
Photo on back cover of HGJ64Gray, A.C.6510
Photo, HGJ122 (letters)Various12347
Photo, HGJ142 (letter)Maund, R.14746
Photo, NewMRFS12338
Photographic CatalogueGray, A.C.2321
Photographic collectionGray, A.C.3218
Photographic Collection, FR Archives and Heritage5023
Photographic Finds, RecentLindsay, D.12418
Photographic MysteryGray, A.C.685
Photographic Puzzle, A (letter)Binns, R.8747
Photographs (letter)Swift, P.2323
Photographs for Christmas cardsSeymour, M.91
Photographs in HGJ 88Gray, A.C.8922
Photographs in HGJ 88 (letters)Various8936
Photographs, Cataloguing, a review of events..Gray, A.C.2722
Photographs, The DaviesJohnson, P. & Gray, A.10025
Photographs, The DaviesJohnson, P. & Gray, A.10118
Photography of FR (letter)Render, B.1915
Photos in HGJ 64Various658
Photos in HGJ 96 (letter)Davies, M.9840
Photos in HGJ 97 (letters)Various9838
Photos in HGJ 98 (letters)Various9940
Photos in HGJ 112 (letters)Various11337
Photos on the back of HGJ 52Gray, A.C.534
Photos, Old (letter)Plenty, R.11239
Photos, pre-restoration (SN)223
Photos, pre-restoration (SN)236
Pickering Brake for Welsh Highland RailwayMenzies, B.14031
Pickering Coach Replica (letter)Bailey, D.14351
Plan – Heritage Group15
Plane crash in Traeth MawrWilliams, R.M.6612
Plans for Heritage Group11
Plant Centenarian, Second (letter)Treloar, P.Q.9145
Plaque – I.Mec.E.Seymour, M.47
Plas Course – N.G.Railways in N.W. – announcementSeymour, M.49
Plas Courses 198797
Plas Courses 19891613
Plas Courses 19902115
Plas Courses 1991239
Plas Courses 19922712
Plas Courses 19922827
Plas Courses 19933117
Plas Courses 1997/84824
Plas Halt (C)91
Plas Halt developmentsSeymour, M.91
Plas pastHughes, G.115
Plas Tan-y-bwlchDavies, P. V-3513
Plas Tan-y-bwlch, History of (letter)Fleming, H.10340
Plas Tan-y-bwlch, History of, and the Oakeley FamilyLayzell-Ward, P.1025
Plas Tan-y-bwlch, The fish at (letter)Owain, S. ab10436
Plate Rails on the CobLewis, M.J.T.4526
Plymouth, Devonport & S. Western J.R. (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.6934
Plynlimon & Hafan RailwayWeaver, C.R.2019
Poem after John Masefield34
Poem to Tasmanian Garratt44
Point in Time, ARixon, I.8830
Policemen, The Railway’sHedger, D.9634
Porthmadog Harbour, Trains Return toLloyd, P.14437
Porthmadog Town Hall (letter)Bishop, M.8747
Porthmadog, Yesterday’s Tide (letter)Gray, A.C.2718
Porthmadog: Yesterday’s Tide 1825-1925 (comments)Seymour, M.2816
Portmadoc & Beaver Pool Bridge Turnpike6211
Portmadoc Gas Works8132
Portmadoc New (letter)Maund, R.10747
Portmadoc Station NamesMaund, R.10532
Portmadoc, (T)rails toWharton, B.11021
Post AGM walk, The (letter)Fleming, H.9242
Post-restoration HeritageGray, A.C.12340
Postage costsLanham, J.11338
Postcards (letter)Bradley, V.J.5033
Postcards (letter)Boughey, F.5034
Postcards (letter)Treloar, P.Q.8741
Posters & Timetables4425
Powell Collection, The (letter)Ronald, D.W.11545
Powell, A.J., More Photos from the Collection11422
Powell, A.J., Photos from the Collection11328
Powell, John, retirement (SN)1225
Powell, R. John (obituary)Gray, A.C.1306
Pratt, John (SN)1166
Pre-1831 Railway PlansHewett, J.8312
Pre-Boyd research (letter)Bate, J.10538
Prince & Painting in 1933Bond, N.12311
Prince (ON)434
Prince (ON)583
Prince table mat (letter)Alexander, J.7334
Prince, non-appearanceMorgan, A.7710
Prince, non-appearance (letter)Garraway, A.G.W.G.7840
Prince, Old Company Couplings on (letter)Maynard, T.8746
Prince, repainted in red (C)52
Princess – appealHanlon, R.22
Princess, The (letter)Gilchrist, J.11737
Privacy Notice1337
PRO-bings 1Gray, A.C.2411
PRO-bings IIGray, A.C.2516
Progress with the Archives4216
Progress, The Group’sHigh, D.10012
Projects (ON)533
Projects (SN)195
Projects for the new MillenniumHewett, J.556
Projects, Heritage Group (ON)482
Publications, Heritage GroupGray, A.C.916
Pull More CordsLee, M.12646
Putnam, Andrew (obituary)Howes, F.9710
PW Staff ListSavage, A.11943


Quarry feedersLewis, M.J.T.134
Quarry Lines, SomeClayton, D.4814
Quarryman’s Carriage, A, Permanent Way Cabins andHowes, D.F.12426
Quarrymen’s and Other ReplicasHewett, J.9928
Quarrymen’s Carriage Replica, The Mark 2Hewett, J.9535
Quarrymen’s Carriages, TheHedger, D.1018
Quarrymen’s Mk. 1 (SN)195
Quarrymen’s Mk. 2 (ON)786
Quarrymen’s Mk. 2 (ON)845
Quarrymen’s Mk. 2 (ON)876
Quarrymen’s Mk. 2 (SN)263
Quarrymen’s Mk. 2 (SN)273
Quarrymen’s Mk. 2 (SN)286
Quarrymen’s Mk. 2 (SN)303
Quarrymen’s Replica, Mark 2, ProgressHewett, J.973
Quarrymen’s Replica, Mark 2, ProgressHewett, J.986
Quarrymen’s train descriptionParry, J.615
Queries (letter)Blunt, J.14245
Queries (letter)Josey, D.14246
Queries, A Couple of unresolvedHiggins, D.D.4722
Question TimeAlexander, J.12228
Question Time (letter)Alexander, J.12447
Quirks & Curiosities 2010 (SN)1013


Rail, Fishbelly (letter)Bate, J.12949
Railtour to Portmadoc, 23rd June 1958Cash, P.R.14836
Railway Children Return, The (letter)Wilson, H.15050
Railway Guard & Clock RepairerPritchard, M.14631
Railway Magazine – article on FR 1900Perrier, C.706
Railway PlaceClayton, D.4011
Railway Place (letter)Dennis, P.4221
Railway Place a place of Railways, WasDennis, P.408
Railway, Reviving a: ‘Y Lein Bach’ Reborn10722
Railwayana, FestiniogDenholm, M.14444
Railwayana, Festiniog (letter)Denholm, M.14346
Railwayana, Festiniog (letter)Denholm, M.14451
Railways in War-time WalesSneller, H.5925
Railways, LightHewett, J.10714
Ramblings without a NotebookChicken, B.10029
Ramblings without a NotebookChicken, B.10127
Ramblings without a NotebookChicken, B.10213
Ramblings without a NotebookChicken, B.10319
Ramblings without a Notebook (letter)Davies, M.10238
Random RamblingsAlexander, J.L.6918
Random RamblingsAlexander, J.L.729
Rats’ tails (ON)926
Reasonably Believed to have been AbandonedChippindale, C.13638
Reasonably Believed to have been Abandoned (letter)Yarker, M.13746
Rebecca, S.S. (letter)Bunce, P.9040
Recollections of early L.A.G. working partiesGurley, N.F.4126
Recollections of NannauDavies, P. V-6421
Recollections of the Festiniog RailwaySmallman, R.7518
Recollections of the Fifties, SomeCunningham, R.8415
Recollections of the FR, SomeShephard, E.2619
Recollections of the Toy RailwayEvans, J.S.5224
Recollections, Further L.A.G. Working partyLayzell-Ward, Pat4129
Recollections, SomeMarchant, K.2113
Recording artefacts (ON)852
Recording historic buildingsGray, A.C.3220
Redundancies (SN)235
References in HGJ69Hewett, J.7040
Reminiscences – Arthur Lambert remembersLambert, A.Ll.2011
Reminiscences – Arthur Lambert remembers part 2Lambert, A.Ll.2319
Reminiscences – FRBaddesley, G.E.83
Reminiscences, 1928Broadbent, W.227
Reminiscences, Eric Cooper’s (letter)Betts, A.8237
Reminiscences, FR – 1930’sRichmond, G.C.2215
Reopened FR, Early Visits to theLindsay, D.S.10122
Reopened FR, Early Visits to theLindsay, D.S.10223
Replica carriage progress (ON)968
Replica loco headlamps11138
Replica loco headlamps (SN)1085
Reprint – Railway Gazette 19/7/57, buffet coach43
Restoration of FR / More on L. Heath-HumphrysBroadbent, W.6511
Reversed Brake VansHawkins, P.5226
Revival, FestiniogWayne, F.2110
Reviving a Railway: ‘Y Lein Bach’ Reborn10722
Reynolds Gang, The (letter)Pye, M.9243
Rhiw Plas BridgeGray, A.C.6526
Rhiwbach Tramroad (letter)Davies, P. V-5232
Rhiwbach Tramroad (letter)Bradley, V.J.5328
Rhiwbach Tramway, TheSouthern, D.10417
Rhoslyn Bridge Deck, ConcretingMerrick, T.13338
Rhoslyn Cottage (letter)Williams, P.9440
Rhosydd resurrectionRainbow, R.A.6814
Rhosydd Slate QuarryHarris, P.L.3719
Rhosydd Slate Quarry3915
Rhosydd slate wagon (ON)676
Rhosydd Slate Wagon appeal6728
Rhosydd Slate wagon rebuildingRainbow, R.A.6028
Rhosydd, Slate fromFisher, B./Wilson, D.7731
Richards, John – weighmasterJohnson, P.13517
Rock CannonJones, G.R.5314
Rocket Launch, The FailedSkellern, A.11126
Rodney Weaver (obituary)Cunningham, R.725
Rolling Stock, HistoricDavies, P. V-3113
Roman Roads (letter)Jones, B.8745
Romance & fun with the Tren BachParry, J.615
Ronald, David – resignationHarris, P.L.49
Rotary Signalling Circuit ControllersJosey, D.13236
Round Trip in 1923Crompton, T.218
Rowley, Derek (E)933
Rudgard, Col. Harold, The FR Society’s First ChairmanTemple, M.12614
Rudgard, Harold (letter)Rudgard, T.12745
Rudgard, Harold (letter)Hoskin, C.12745
Rudgard, Harold (letter)Smallman, R.12745
Rudgard, HowardTemple, M.15742
Rudgard, Tony, 1923-2021 (obituary)Temple, M.1488
Rules & Regulations395
Russell, James Cholmeley; An £8,000,000 mysteryBooker, N.4811


Safari Carr, Funding the Canopy and Aprons9635
Safari Carr, TheGray, A.C.1015
Sail Power (letter)Hewett, J.10063
Sales Coordinator request410
Sales items21
Sales Stand OutingsPyatt, R.3525
Sales stock move (SN)286
Sales volunteer in the 1970s & 80sSneller, H.6321
Sales volunteer in the 1970s & 80s (Pt2)Sneller, H.6411
Sales, Heritage Aug 1994Pyatt, R.3822
Sales, Heritage Aug 1995Pyatt, R.4231
Sales, Heritage Aug 1996Cunningham, R.4636
Sales, Heritage Aug 1999Cunningham, R.5831
Sales, Heritage Aug 2000Cunningham, R.6232
Sales, Heritage Aug 2001Cunningham, R.6633
Sales, Heritage Aug 2002Cunningham, R.7038
Sales, Heritage Aug 2003Cunningham, R.7435
Sales, Heritage August 2004Cunningham, R.7835
Sales, Heritage August 2005Cunningham, R.8228
Sales, Heritage August 2006Cunningham, R.8638
Sales, Heritage Feb 1994Pyatt, R.3626
Sales, Heritage Feb 1995Pyatt, R.4020
Sales, Heritage Feb 1997Cunningham, R.4830
Sales, Heritage Feb 1998Cunningham, R.5230
Sales, Heritage Feb 2000Cunningham, R.6034
Sales, Heritage Feb 2001Cunningham, R.6433
Sales, Heritage Feb 2002Cunningham, R.6833
Sales, Heritage Feb 2003Cunningham, R.7236
Sales, Heritage Feb 2004Cunningham, R.7623
Sales, Heritage February 2005Cunningham, R.8034
Sales, Heritage February 2006Cunningham, R.8433
Sales, Heritage February 2007Hewett, J.8842
Sales, Heritage February 2008Gray, A.C.9239
Sales, Heritage June 1998Cunningham, R.5431
Sales, Heritage May 1996Pyatt, R.4535
Sales, Heritage May 1999Cunningham, R.5731
Sales, Heritage May 2000Cunningham, R.6128
Sales, Heritage May 2001Cunningham, R.6532
Sales, Heritage May 2002Cunningham, R.6933
Sales, Heritage May 2003Cunningham, R.7333
Sales, Heritage May 2004Cunningham, R.7734
Sales, Heritage May 2005Cunningham, R.8134
Sales, Heritage May 2006Cunningham, R.8546
Sales, Heritage Nov 1996Pyatt, R.4332
Sales, Heritage Nov 1996Cunningham, R.4734
Sales, Heritage Nov 1997Cunningham, R.5132
Sales, Heritage Nov 1998Cunningham, R.5523
Sales, Heritage Nov 1999Cunningham, R.5935
Sales, Heritage Nov 2000Cunningham, R.6331
Sales, Heritage Nov 2001Cunningham, R.6730
Sales, Heritage Nov 2002Cunningham, R.7128
Sales, Heritage Nov 2003Cunningham, R.7535
Sales, Heritage November 2004Cunningham, R.7938
Sales, Heritage November 2005Cunningham, R.8343
Sales, Heritage November 2006Cunningham, R.8740
Sales, Heritage November 2007Gray, A.C.9143
Sales, Heritage, ReorganisationGray, A.C.8739
Salesperson wanted4329
Samuels, Mr (letter)Townsend, J.L.10944
SandraCole, G.537
Savoy connection, TheWeaver, C.R.2826
Scribner’s Magazine article (letter)Swift, P.7135
Seats of ex-L&B Carriage 14 (letter)Davis, M.8848
Secretary’s ApologyGray, A.C.696
Secretary’s report – introductionHewett, J.22
Selling our heritage (ON)573
Selling our heritage (ON)744
Semi-obsolescent Books, MoreHarris, P.L.9933
Semi-obsolescent Books, More on MoreFleming, H.10061
Sentry Box Van (letter)Ogden, R.12447
Sentry Box Van (letter)Wilson, H.12543
Sentry Box Van (letter)Hewett, J.12543
Sentry Box Van (letter)Ogden, R.12650
SerendipityGray, A.C.11020
Seventy Years AgoKidner, R.W.4420
Seymour, Michael (letter)Broadbent, W.5833
Seymour, Michael (letter)Lamb, B.5833
Seymour, Michael , an appreciationGray, A.C.575
Seymour, Michael, funeral (ON)573
Seymour, Michael, internment (ON)594
Shed full of strategyRushton, A.J.G.173
Sheds (SN)1287
Shrewsbury Abbey and the Foregate Station (letter)Leleux, R.8938
Shunting mileages (letter)Bate, J.11335
Shut the Doors, Turn Off the Lights, I Think We’re DoneWaggon Tracks Team, The14016
Shuttle coach (letter)Sneller, H.5634
Shuttle, The DdualltSkellern, A.9924
Shuttle, The Dduallt (letter)Whitehouse, M.10064
Shuttle, The Dduallt (letter)Maynard, T.10137
Shuttle, The Dduallt (letter)Skellern, A.10342
Side tippers (FR), Nos. 160 & 161Howes, D.F.5728
Signal Apparatus Case, The Tale of aJosey, D.11117
Signal box, T-y-b (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.32
Signal Recoveries (letters)Various12349
Signal Recoveries c1970Josey, D.12214
Signal Recoveries c1970 part 2Josey, D.12638
Signal Recoveries, Winter 1971/72, Caernarfon to Afon WenJosey, D.12315
Signal, The Trident (letter)Gunning, D.10639
Signalling & Telecommunications, FR, a summarySeymour, M.297
Signalling (letter)Howes, D.F.14039
Signalling (letter)Lyall, D.14040
Signalling (letter)Padley, J.14040
Signalling (letter)Josey, D.14445
Signalling c1970 – Silec TreadlesJosey, D.13030
Signalling Course (letter)Josey, D.13750
Signalling Equipment & Practices – informative sketches (letter)Josey, D.13050
Signalling Scheme, Harbour, c1970Josey, D.13519
Signalling Scheme, Harbour, c1970Josey, D.13714
Signalling, Dduallt c1970Josey, D.13321
Signalling, historic (ON)745
Signalling, old – lower endJosey, D.12712
Signalling, old – middle sectionJosey, D. & MRFS12920
Signalling, old – middle sectionJosey, D.13012
Signalling, Old Company, at Dduallt (letter)Stirling, D.13349
Signalling, Old Company, Dduallt Bottom End PhotographJosey, D.13113
Signalling, Penrhyn (letter)Layzell Ward, G.13950
Signalling, Tan-y-Bwlch, – 1964 ProposalJosey, D.1389
Signalling, Tan-y-Bwlch, – 1964 Proposal (letter)Matthews, P.13950
Signalling, Tan-y-Bwlch, – 1964 Proposal (letter)Josey, D.13951
Signalling, Tanybwlch 1964 ProposedJosey, D.13943
Signalling, Tanybwlch, early 1970sJosey, D.13922
Signalling, Tanybwlch, early 1970sJosey, D.14229
Signals No. 1 – RevisitedJosey, D.11016
Signals, Colour Light Home, Tanybwlch & Minffordd – c1970Josey, D.12726
Signals, Old Company – Disc Signal and QuadrantJosey, D.11622
Signals, Old Company – Double-Arm Station SignalJosey, D.11916
Signals, Old Company – McKenzie & HollandJosey, D.11710
Signals, Old Company – Point IndicatorJosey, D.11815
Signals, Old Company – Special Repeating SignalJosey, D.12142
Signals, Old Company Telephones and (letter)Skellern, A.10638
Signals, Temporary Colour LightsJosey, D.13042
Simplex (ON)724
Simplex diesels (letter)Rainbow, R.A.5434
Simplex Driver (letter)Alexander, J.7335
Simplex Driver (letter)Cunningham, R.7338
Simplex Driver (letter)Garraway, A.W.G.7339
Simplex Driver (letter)Smart, I.7339
Simplex Driver (letter)Davies, M.7340
Simplex restoration (E)783
Simplex restoration (ON)734
Simplex restoration (ON)764
Simplex restoration (ON)774
Simplex, Dorman engine (C)392
Simplex, Dorman engine (C)406
Simplex, Dorman engine (ON)412
Simplex, Dorman engine (ON)432
Simplex, Dorman engine (ON)453
Simplex, Dorman engine (ON)584
Simplex, Dorman engine (SN)383
Simplex, The ComplexGray, A.C.4211
Situations vacant17
Skellern, Alan, obituaryHowes, D.F.1138
Skip body (letter)Neale, A.11438
Slate industry, 1920s, Some developments in theKnowles, J.2417
Slate MilepostsWilson, S.10325
Slate MilepostsWilson, S.11036
Slate Quarry Post – Delivery in the Mountains of MerionethPugh, P.8610
Slate Quarry Post (letter)Searle, M.8937
Slate Quarry Workers, Carriage of & The AgreementHewett, J.9827
Slate shunt (ON)634
Slate Waggon Manoeuvres for the Vintage WeekendWilkinson, I.7936
Slate Waggon Work Summer 2012Wilkinson, I.11012
Slate Wagon 475 (ON)683
Slate Wagon 475 (ON)694
Slate Wagon morselsWilkinson, I.6931
Slate Wagon Replica(s), Inside-Bearing WoodenHewett, J.1016
Slate Wagon restorationWilkinson, I.6124
Slate Wagon RestorationHigh, D.R.6726
Slate Wagon restoration (ON)564
Slate Wagon Runaway 1925Hewett, J.11915
Slate Wagon updateWilkinson, I.938
Slate Wagon, The FR 3 tonStapleton, F.G.A.3010
Slate Wagon, wooden (SN)173
Slate Wagonry, MoreStapleton, F.G.A.1510
Slate WagonsWeaver, C.R.168
Slate Wagons (ON)593
Slate Wagons (ON)676
Slate Wagons (ON)967
Slate Wagons (SN)145
Slate Wagons, more (ON)744
Slate Wagons, OnPadley, J.155
Slate Water Tanks at the Plas, ThePayling, D.8324
Slate, Sail & SteamGray, A.C.657
Slate-clad shed in Minffordd YardHandcock, C. & Oulton. T.6020
Slate-clad shed in Minffordd Yard, Pt.2Coulson, S.626
Sleepers, Stone (letter)Merrick, T.14646
Slow-BurnerDennis, P.14642
Slow-Burner (letter)Dennis, P.14750
SludgeCole, G.5310
Small Birminghams (E)282
Small Birminghams (SN)273
Small Birminghams (SN)285
Small Birminghams (SN)303
Small Birminghams (SN)312
Smaller Railways, Association ofJohnson, P.8435
Snell, John (SN)1166
Snowdon Ranger & Moel Tryfan etc.Bradley, V.J.395
Snowdon, Proposed Line up (letter)Blunt, J.14350
Snowdon, Proposed Line up (letter)Johnson, P.14350
Snowdon, Spooner's Rack Line upBlunt, J.1448
Soden family, TheHewett, J.9338
Soden family, The (letter)Mitchell, D.9640
Somers, Jack (obituary)5628
South Snowdon Wharf (letter)Skidmore, D.7239
Special Train – 30th anniversarySeymour, M.48
Special trains (SN)272
Speed limits (letter)Rainbow, R.13450
Spelling of F(f)estiniog (letter)Davies, D.5835
Spelling of F(f)estiniog (letter)Lyall, D.5936
Spelling, Welsh (letter)Donovan, P.13846
Sponsor’s commentsSchumann, M.411
Spooner Album (C)52
Spooner Album (letter)Lamb, B.7626
Spooner Album (ON)666
Spooner Album (SN)407
Spooner Boat, The, collision (letter)Dennis, P.9642
Spooner Bogies, TheGray, A.C.8710
Spooner Carriage Plans (letter)Dennis, P.8937
Spooner family revisitedHewett, J.9115
Spooner grave (ON)563
Spooner Graves, More, and some Spooner SignaturesJohnson, P.14917
Spooner Graves, TheBooker, N.14212
Spooner Letters, TheHewett, J.8718
Spooner Letters, The (letter)Alexander, J.9146
Spooner Letters, The, Comments & CorrectionsDennis, P.8837
Spooner of Tsavo, TheTemple, M.11720
Spooner, A.F., Who wasTownsend, J.L.13216
Spooner, Another (letter)Wilson, A.13152
Spooner, Charles Easton at the Westminster Palace Hotel (letter)Johnson, P.9744
Spooner, Charles Easton, Letter Copy Book No. 1Hewett, J.10326
Spooner, Charles Easton, letters – an introductionHewett, J.868
Spooner, Charles Edwin in Malaya14730
Spooner, G.P. and his DaughterJohnson, P.14615
Spooner, James, Grave, The Restoration ofJohnson, P.15014
Spooner, James, MemorialJohnson, P.11014
Spooner, More on Percy (George Percival) & familyHewett, J.14312
Spooner, Thomas John - a misunderstood reputationJohnson, P.14524
Spooner’s Boat – Not so Unique?Bond, N. & Jones, C.8429
Spooner’s Boat – Not so Unique? (letter)Lyall, D.8548
Spooner’s Boat (letter)Sullivan, S.8746
Spooner’s Boat rebuild (ON)815
Spooner’s Letters, Part 3Hewett, J.8810
Spooner’s Letters, Part 4Hewett, J.897
Spooner’s Letters, Part 5Hewett, J.908
Spooner’s Letters, Part 6Hewett, J.9121
Spooner’s Letters, Part 7Hewett, J.9237
Spooner’s Letters, Part 8Hewett, J.9328
Spooner’s Letters, Part 9Hewett, J.9423
Spooner’s, C.E., GraveKeylock, C.J.5525
Spooner’s, Charles Easton, Letter Copy Book No. 1Hewett, J.10535
Spooner’s, James, GraveHewett, J.9931
Spooners, First of the Ffestiniog in WalesWilliams, G.H.9311
Spring Report on the N.W.N.G.R.3518
Spring Report, The (letter)Johnson, P.8435
Springing (letter)Jones, B.L.5834
St Mary’s Church House, A Blue Plaque for12741
Staff, FR (letter)Dennis, P.10239
Staff, who are they? (letter)Wilson, A.5327
Staff, who are they? (letter)Evans, J.S.5329
Stamps on HG Journal Envelopes (letter)Edmonson, W.8744
Stand at Boston Lodge, Gala ’93, H.G.Pyatt, R.3222
Start of Steam haulage (letter)Hall, G.6435
Station Masters, FR (letter)Williams, G.11044
Station Masters, FR (letter)Hewett, J.11044
Station Masters, FR (letter)Maund, R.11045
Station Masters, FR, 1871-1911Hewett, J.10052
Station Masters, More on FRHewett, J.10930
Stations, FRPerrier, C.6717
Stations, FR (letter)Buxton, R.6836
Stations, FR (letter)Perrier, C.6936
Steam 150Wilkinson, I.11219
Steam 150 plans (SN)1086
Stefcomatic (letter)Cunningham, R.5433
Stephens at Portmadoc, ColonelShaw, P.666
Stephenson – Caernarvon Herald 18/08/183212
Stephenson Locomotive Society Journal (E)1113
Stephenson Locomotive Society, From the Journal of9017
Stesion Fain, 1899-1904, Welsh Pony atGray, A.C./Johnson, P.10420
Stesion Fein canopy (E)863
Stewart, Return to Sir JohnJohnson, P.13913>
Stewart, Sir J.H. (letter)Davies, A.M.11142
Stewart, Sir John Henderson, Bt, In Search OfJohnson, P.1259
Stickers, Envelope (letter)Binns, R.14041
Stolen plates634
Stringer, Janet (E)933
Strowger Exchange, The (letter)Stocker, G.12747
Strowger telephone system on the FR, The End of theOulton, T.12719
Stub points (letter)Padley, J.7334
Stub points (letter)Alexander, J.7335
Stub points (letter)Hedger, D.7537
Stub points on the FRGray, A.C.7232
Stuff of a Revolution, TheWeaver, C.R.5710
Subscription RatesHarrison, P.R.473
Subscription RatesHarrison, P.R..10010
Subscription rates – H.G.Lambert, A.Ll.211
Subscriptions (letter)Townsend, J.10138
Subscriptions (ON)515
SuperelevationWilson, H.6831
SuperelevationGray, A.C.6832
SuperelevationRainbow, R.A.6832
Survey, James Spooner’s, Permanent Way andHopkins, J.1147
Szlumper, James, Bessie Jones and (letter)Johnson, P.9339
Szlumpers, Beddgelert, Davies & Metcalf and theWoodcock, D.9224


Taliesin 2000Harris, P.L.1815
Taliesin 2000Savage, A.J.2810
Taliesin 2000 (letter)Wallace, K.5834
Taliesin – Railway Gazette 195732
Taliesin (letter)Broadbent, W.5634
Taliesin (ON)583
Taliesin at Harbour Station, 1935 Photo ofGray, A.C.8443
Taliesin re-enters service – Railway Gazette 1957210
Taliesin’s headboard (letter)Temple, M.12540
Talking Train (ON)763
Talking Train (ON)774
Talsarnau boatLewis, M.J.T.183
Talyllyn – First meetings with TR & FRPerrier, C.6617
Talyllyn and Festiniog Co-operationBate, J.10826
Talyllyn Railway Heritage Group (ON)764
Tan y Bwlch (letter)Evans, D.14134
Tan y Bwlch Bottom End Lever Frame (letter)Howes, D.F.12851
Tan y Bwlch Bottom Siding(s) and Trap PointsHowes, D.F.14744
Tan y Bwlch Level Crossing (letter)Carey, A.8140
Tan y Bwlch Level Crossing Mystery, TheHewett, J.8021
Tan y Bwlch NoticeboardsHawkins, P.11816
Tan y Bwlch, Buildings atGray, A.C.9135
Tan-y-bwlch – track inclination (letter)Andrews, J.6935
Tan-y-bwlch – track inclination (letter)Howes, D.F.6936
Tan-y-bwlch bottom points (letter)Padley, J.6834
Tan-y-bwlch bridgeGray, A.C.7718
Tan-y-bwlch bridge (letter)Hedger, D.7844
Tan-y-bwlch bridge (ON)967
Tan-y-bwlch bridge, Linda at (letter)Howes, D.F.11546
Tan-y-bwlch goods shedGray, A.C.12221
Tan-y-bwlch old station building (C)72
Tan-y-bwlch old station building (SN)197
Tan-y-bwlch old station building (SN)313
Tan-y-Bwlch pointsGray, A.C.6018
Tan-y-Bwlch Signalling – 1964 ProposalJosey, D.1389
Tan-y-Bwlch Signalling – 1964 ProposalMatthews, P.13950
Tan-y-Bwlch Signalling – 1964 ProposalJosey, D.13951
Tan-y-Bwlch station (letter)Skellern, A.10435
Tan-y-Bwlch Station, An afternoon atWallace, K.13930
Tan-y-Bwlch Station, An Afternoon at (letter)Bishop, M.14041
Tan-y-Bwlch supplies c1970 (letter)Josey, D.14244
Tan-y-Bwlch Track Layouts, Tortuous, thoughts on….Gray, A.C.5117
Tan-y-bwlch, Friends of912
Tan-y-bwlch, Old Signalling at (letter)Molyneux-Berry, P.13049
Tan-y-Bwlch, Small hole in a window of Station HouseSkellern, A.10428
Tan-y-Bwlch, The Road PastCarey, A.8239
Tan-yr-alltGwyn, D.329
Tan-yr-allt, Another visitor to2623
Tank Waggon Number 25High, W.12819
Tanybwlch 1964 Proposed SignallingJosey, D.13943
Tanybwlch (c1970) lever frameJosey, D.14432
Tanybwlch new white fencing – c1970Josey, D.12739
Tanybwlch Signal Box - LCCsJosey, D.14832
Tanybwlch Signal Box - part 3 of 3Josey, D.14331
Tanybwlch Signal Box part 4Josey, D.14531
Tanybwlch Signal Box part 5Josey, D.14624
Tanybwlch Signal Box part 6Josey, D.14723
Tanybwlch Signalling early 1970sJosey, D.13922
Tanybwlch Signalling early 1970sJosey, D.14229
Tanygrisiau, Dinas and11227
Tanygrisiau, Lifting track nearDavies, M.10430
Tape Recordings, Lost (letter)Walker, R.8639
Telegraph, 19th Century, TheJosey, D.12521
Telegraphs to TelephonesJosey, D.12523
Telephone System, The Festiniog Railway’s, 1877-1946Johnson, P.13620
Telephone System, The Old Company’s (letter)Oulton, T.10640
Telephones and Signals, Old Company (letter)Skellern, A.10638
Telephones, FR (letter)Asquith, P.13846
Telephones, FR (letter)Oulton, T.13846
Telephones, FR (letter)Johnson, P.13851
Tender on p19 (letter)Davey, T.8746
Tent, A cover for No. 7Newham, D.F.5227
Test of our knowledge, AGray, A.C.9320
Tests of Petrol Tractor on Welsh Highland Railway4423
Thanks Mum. A Welsh Narrow Gauge HolidayMann, J.D.3921
Third Way, TheBarrell, A.8536
Third Way, TheTownsend, J.L.888
Thirty Years Ago: A Poignant Reflection (letter)Keylock, J.11042
Thirty Years of the DeviationWilson, D.H.429
Thompson, Livingston, In Search ofJohnson, P.13019
Thompsons, More Thoughts on theTownsend, J.L.13133
Thorp, Rodney (obituary)Gray, A.C.13212
Those were the daysRansom, P.J.G.288
Those were the days (A Trip to Boston Lodge)Dunn, J.M.4627
Those were the days, 19591513
Three way point1012
Three wheels on my wagon…..Rainbow, R.A.3420
Three-phase MotorsWeaver, C.R.2412
Ticket Agency, Early Years of theSkellern, A.10043
Tickets of Yesteryear, Heritage Sales,Cunningham, R.5025
Tickets, FR, pre-1940 (letter)Davies, M.8844
TigerDavies, P. V-3325
Timetable 19594626
Timetable, 1856 (letter)Hedger, D.9147
Timetable, The 1856Hewett, J.8721
Timetable, The 1856 (letter)Bate, J.8846
Timetables & Posters4425
Timetables, FR & WHR 1936Treloar, P.7034
Timetables, pre-war (letter)Cunningham, R.7138
Toastrack No.39 (SN)273
Toastracks, Hudsons or TurnersWhy, D.12542
Tollgate steps (ON)926
Tonbridge Blue Plaque (letter)Shimmon, R.13651
Too Much, too soonLaing, D.5817
Tourists in North Wales, 1872Hewett, J.11812
Toy Railway to Festiniog 1879Roberts, A.637
Toy Railway, Recollections of theEvans, J.S.5224
Toy Railways of North Wales, The Festiniog and the Welsh HighlandBriggs, G.E.10422
Track Maintenance, Festiniog RailwayHowes, D.F.14922
Track, 45 Years On (and occasionally off)Howes, F.10054
Track, FR HeritageHowes, D.F.6326
Track, OnHedger, D.787
Track, On (letter)Hopkins, J.7939
Trackside DrainsThorp, R.12916
Traffic arrangements pre war (letter)Weaver, C.R.2114
Traffic Capacity, 1850-63Lewis, M.J.T.2511
Traffic Capacity, Early FRChapling, J.287
Traffic Capacity, Early FRWeaver, C.R.293
Traffic Capacity, More Early FRPadley, J.294
Traffic Capacity, More Early FRPadley, J.3127
Trains and Duties, February 1923High, D.R.11221
Trains, Boats and Tiddemans… Road Traffic Too (letter)Dennis, P.13650
Transfer Traffic, GWRHewett, J.1066
Trap points (letter)Howes, D.F.14550
Trap points (letter)Temple, M.14651
Travellers Guide (letter)Steel, J.1915
Traversing turntable, AWaters, I.M.3016
Tremadog (E)603
Trespass Notice at Harbour Station, The (letter)Smallman, R.10637
Trident Signal, The (letter)Gunning, D.10639
Tro Keepers, A bit of Archaeology atHedger, D.6525
Tro Keepers, A bit of Archaeology at – A postscriptHawkins, P.6522
Trolley, The Will JonesHowes, D.F.1277
Tua Railway, The (letter)Conde, D.9339
Tunnel Indenture, TheHewett, J.10737
Tunnel Indenture, The (letter)Johnson, P.10842
Tunnel NorthHedger, D.9612
Tunnel North, Moelwyn Zinc MineGray, A.C.478
Tunnel’s Mouth, The Community that lived near theOwain, Steffan ab444
Turner, Paul (letter)Rainbow, R.A.6533
Turner, Sir Llewelyn (letter)Bishop, M.14750
Turnpikes, Bridges &Hewett, J.11038
Turns, Lodging (letter)Johnson, P.10339
Twenties weekend3418
Twenty Five years agoGurley, N.F.139
Twinning, More onOrgan, J.8840
Twinning, More onBell, J.8940
Twist of Fate, A SimpleDennis, P.10233
Two Foot Gauge in 1906Wilson, D.H.219
Two Hundred years agoWeaver, C.R.132
Tyer’s Block Telegraph Instructions, FR3621
TykeCole, G.5311
Tyler, Captain (Sir) Henry WhatleyHewett, J.9814
Tyler, Captain (Sir) Henry Whatley, More Thoughts onTownsend, J.L.9921
Tyler, Henry (letters)Various9937
Tyler’s Report 1864, Capt.Jarvis, P.N.5511
Tyler’s Report, Capt. (letter)Jarvis, P.N.5635
Tylers of High Trees, TheCalcutt, J.10115
Tylers of High Trees, TheCalcutt, J.10219
Tylers of High Trees, TheCalcutt, J.10330


U98High, D.R.11439
U98 (letter)Gunning, D.11545
U Boat, Garnedd Tunnel and, Fact or FictionHowes, D.F.11332
Underneath the CanopyPyatt, R.3724
Unique Opportunity (Probably), ACunningham, R.10338
Usher, Robert, Dinas Station Master (letter)Townsend, J.10341


Value of money, TheHewett, J.9229
Value of money, The (letter)Townsend, J.9439
Van 51Bond, N.11212
Van 99Gray, A.C.1165
Van No. 2, Inter-War Liveries of, TheGray, A.C.10130
Van No. 2, Inter-War Liveries of, The (letter)Elliot, R.10238
Van No. 10 (SN)263
Vandal in 1952, AHadfield, T.J.3212
Vans renumbered (ON)815
Various (letter)Keylock, C.J.5036
Vaughan, Frederick, The Crick family and (letter)Maund, R.10538
Vice Chairman’s StatementHarrison, P.R.1196
Victorian Travel (letter)Leleux, R.11943
Victorian Weekend (SN)1236
Victorian Weekend (SN)1275
Victorian Weekend (SN)1346
Video Tapes, The life of3723
Vignes reviewTownsend, J.L.10811
Vignes translation (letter)Waters, Dr P.E.10945
Vignes, Boreham’s Translation (letter)Maund, R.12049
Vintage Carriage Trust Survey (ON)605
Vintage Train – Heritage Group2020
Vintage train (SN)303
Vintage TrainsRudd, I.122
Vintage Weekend 1994High, D.R.3624
Vintage Weekend 1995High, D.R.3926
Vintage Weekend 1995High, D.R.4021
Vintage Weekend 19954228
Vintage Weekend 1996Horrocks, W.G.4823
Vintage Weekend 1996, advance notice4424
Vintage Weekend 1996, Provisional Timetable4630
Vintage Weekend 2004 (ON)795
Vintage Weekend 2005 (E)833
Vintage Weekend 2005 (ON)834
Vintage Weekend 2010Gray, A.C.1038
Vintage Weekend 2011 (SN)1076
Vintage Weekend 2014 (photos)11933
Vintage Weekend 2014 (SN)1198
Vintage Weekend – October 26th & 27th 1996High, D.R.4631
Vintage Weekend (report)Pyatt, R.4328
Vintage Weekend SummaryHigh, D.R.7036
Vivarais revisitedHubbard, E.3020
Volunteer from further South, ABate, J.7223
Volunteer in the 1950s, ASkellern, A.9833
Volunteer on the FR in 1956, A SchoolboyTennent, J.13610
Volunteer transport breakdown (letter)Ward, A.10339
Volunteer, 46 years aReynolds, P.9126
Volunteer, PeckettGray, A.C.606
Volunteer, Peckett 2050 (E)843
Volunteering in 1966-7Emery, J.9410
Volunteering in my YouthMerrick, T.9817


Waggon 68High, W.11433
Waggon ProgressHigh, W.14717
Waggon TracksMiller, S.10516
Waggon TracksMiller, S.1106
Waggon TracksMiller, S.11143
Waggon TracksMiller, S.11421
Waggon TracksMiller, S.1213
Waggon Tracks (SN)1145
Waggon Tracks (SN)1198
Waggon Tracks (SN)1216
Waggon Tracks (SN)1247
Waggon Tracks (SN)1255
Waggon Tracks (SN)1268
Waggon Tracks appeal (SN)1045
Waggon Tracks appeal (SN)1055
Waggon Tracks appeal (SN)1065
Waggon Tracks ProgressGray, A.C.1238
Waggon Tracks ProgressHigh, D.12610
Waggon Tracks ProgressHigh, D.12816
Waggon Tracks ProgressHigh, D.1318
Waggon Tracks ProgressHigh, D.12912
Waggon Tracks Shed, Doors for theScarisbrick, J.1397
Waggon Tracks updateWaggon Tracks team1088
Waggon Tracks update11210
Waggon Tracks update (SN)1225
Waggon Wheelsets, NewHigh, W.14514
Waggon Work, Behind the ScenesHigh, W.11512
Waggon, Non-slate, Condition SummaryHigh, W.13534
Waggons 22/165/26 (letter)Swift, P.10636
Waggons for TracksHowes, D.F.14821
Waggons for Tracks Part 2Howes, D.F.15023
Waggons on the Croesor Tramway (letters)Various9437
Waggons, GunpowderWilkinson, I.11211
Waggons, Heritage; PW Use from 1964Howes, D.F.11031
Waggons, The First IronHigh, D.R.1048
Waggons, The First Iron (letter)Hewett, J.10538
Wagon liveries – S.G.Matthews, P.810
Wagon loads (letter)Swift, P.7135
Wagon reconstruction – No.475Sudlow, C.198
Wagon shortagesHewett, J.6911
Wagonry, FurtherPadley, J.1715
Wagons (C)51
Wagons (E)162
Wagons (SN)323
Wagons, Further note of the side tippingStapleton, F.G.A.5820
Wagons, HeritageBate, J.10746
Wagons, wooden replicas (ON)684
Waldron, Brigadier J.G.C. – obituary3720
Walk, The post AGM (letter)Fleming, H.9242
Walls, heritage, rebuilding (ON)685
War Memorial, A Belated FR WW1Alexander, J.L.1365
Ward RoomWard, G.6426
Warner, Maggie (SN)273
Waste oil centrifuge, The origin of theWeaver, C.R.2420
Water from Wales (letter)Padley, J.7439
Watling Street (letter)Rainbow, R.8743
Watling Street, Telford’s Holyhead Road and the A5Harris, P.L.8613
WBS L-type frame – Prescience!Josey, D.11814
Weaver, Charles Philip (obituary)5828
Website, HG (ON)734
Wellingborough, WartimeLeleux, R.10140
Welsh Highland Carriage Re-numberingPadley, J.4714
Welsh Highland CircularSteel, J.1711
Welsh Highland Heritage Group (ON)516
Welsh Highland Railway Influence on the FRJohnson, P.8911
Welsh Highland Railway, Phase 4Mitchell, J.C.V. & B.8224
Welsh Highland Railway, Pickering Brake forMenzies, B.14031
Welsh Highland Railway, potential impact on FR (ON)813
Welsh Highland Railway, Tests of Petrol Tractor on4423
Welsh Highland Railway, The4623
Welsh Highland Railways Association (E)873
Welsh Incident, A realWilliams, R.M.6612
Welsh Mountain RailwaysGreat Western Railway9513
Welsh PonyGray, A.C.9220
Welsh Pony (E)1023
Welsh Pony (E)1033
Welsh Pony (letter)Skellern, A.10341
Welsh Pony (letter)Gray, A.C.10342
Welsh Pony (letter)Davis, J.M.10437
Welsh Pony at Stesion Fain, 1899-1904Gray, A.C./Johnson, P.10420
Welsh Pony Plates ReturnedJones, C.14218
Welsh Pony Plates Returned (letter)Davies, M.14348
Welsh Pony refurbishmentGray, A.C.8222
Welsh Pony, Croesor Quarry andSmith, B.10439
Welsh Spelling (letter)Donovan, P.13846
Welsh Village influence (letter)Bentley, M.6734
Welsh Water Power Co., TheKnowles, J.13231
Welshpool & Gunpowder Vans (letter)Lewis, D.R.8343
Westminster Palace Hotel, Charles Easton Spooner at the (letter)Johnson, P.9744
What If – 2Green, M.13929
Which Tender?Various879
Whittaker, Rogers E. M. and E. M. Frimbo (E)1073
Who Was Here Then (and later)Brooks, A.7933
WHR Buffet CarSeale, D.737
WHR Carriages (letter)Padley, J.4929
WHR Carriages (letter)Lystor, D.4933
WHR Carriages (letter)Lystor, D.5032
WHR in Port and the Future for Harbour Station, TheGray, A.C.839
WHR photo (letter)Padley, J.5031
WHR Revival, Ramblings and impact of (letter)Hopkins, J.10436
Why do we need the Heritage Group (ON)823
Wickham TrolleyCole, G.5314
Wickham Trolley (E)773
Wiki, The FRHarrison, P.R.827
William Joyce, Lord Haw-HawHarris, P.L.3922
William’s Notebook, From Mr.G.C.Mitchell, J.C.V.353
Williams, Merfyn (E)933
Williams, William, & his extended familyHewett, J.10134
Williams, William, More onHewett, J.10518
Wilson photo (letter)Wilson, H.6135
Wilson photo (letter)Oulton, T.6235
Wilson, D.H. (obituary)846
Wilson, D.H., editorials (ON)845
Wilson, Dan, Memorial ServiceWilson, H. & Jarvis, P.858
Winnstay Hall7615
Winnstay Hall, The Wynns of (letter)Dennis, P.7736
Winnstay Hall, The Wynns of (letters)Various7837
Winson EngineeringLove, D.928
Wooden horse dandy (SN)172
Wooden Slate Wagon Replica(s), Inside-BearingHewett, J.1016
Wooden Waggon FederationWilliams, A.14712
Wooden Waggon FederationWilliams, A.1506
Wooden Waggon Federation – Interim ReportWilliams, A.14029
Wooden Waggons, The Wonderful World ofCollins, R.1108
Woolwich Arsenal (letter)Lambert, A.Ll.5134
Working parties, Heritage Group (ON)443
Working Party Report, April 2005 (spoof)Gray, A.8133
Working Party Report, Dec 1993High, D.R.3622
Working Party Report, Dec 1994High, D.R.4022
Working Party Report, Dec 1995High, D.R.4430
Working Party Report, Dec 1996High, D.R.4826
Working Party Report, Dec 1997High, D.R.5228
Working Party Report, Dec 1998High, D.R.5629
Working Party Report, Jan 2003Gray, A.C.7234
Working Party Report, January 2005Hewett, J.8130
Working Party Report, January 2007Gray, A.C.8817
Working Party Report, June 1999High, D.R.5826
Working Party Report, May 2005Hewett, J.8226
Working Party Report, Sept 1994High, D.R.3924
Working Party Report, Sept 1995High, D.R.4327
Working Party Report, Sept 1998High, D.R.5521
Working Party Report, Sept 1999High, D.R.5930
Working Party Report, Sept 2003Hewett, J.7526
Working Party, Report of a soloRainbow, R.A.6028
Working Party, Report on another (solo)Rainbow, R.A.6428
Written on Slate4824
Wrysgan FlightChitty, C.6210
WWI Engines and Vehicles, More onWeaver, C.R.4325


Y Chwarelwr HawkinsP.8738
Y Cyt, North of the bridgeJarvis, P.N.9326
Yesterday, Today and TomorrowLayzell Ward, P.10016
Ynys Cyngar Powder HouseHewett, J. 7937
Ynys Cyngar Powder House (letter)Alexander, J.8038
You Knew I Was Coming, Didn’t You Skellern, A.10531
Your wiki needs you!Harrison, P.R.9142
Yoxalls, TheJohnson, P.14634
Yoxalls, The (letter)Davies, M.14751