Livingston Thompson Trophy

The Livingston Thompson Trophy is awarded annually to the person or team who, in the view of the Group, has made the most outstanding contribution to the cause of FR heritage. There is no requirement for the nominated projects to have been originated or supported by the Group, although many of them have been. Members are welcome to propose initiatives to be considered for the award, with voting taking place at the Group AGM in October.

The list of nominated projects over the years illustrates the amazing work being undertaken to preserve and celebrate the railway’s heritage.

Winners (in bold) and other nominated projects:

An update…

Due to the pandemic, the Livingston Thompson Trophy has not been awarded in 2020 or 2021. On Sunday 1 May 2022, the trophy was finally handed over to Chris Jones and Peter Dennis in a short ceremony at the Gweithdy in Minffordd during the Members’ weekend. Pictures of the event are here.

2019 – Chris Jones and Peter Dennis for the book Little Giants

Team X for the recreation of Carriage 21

The external restoration of Minffordd Goods Shed

Lineside heritage fencing

The Waggon Tracks team for the stone sleepered track in the Waggon Tracks shed

2018 – Landmark Trust for their restoration of Coed y Bleddiau cottage

2017 – William High and team for the creation of a living museum of FR track styles in the Waggon Tracks shed

2016 – Ian Rudd and team for the repainting of Tan y Bwlch bridge

Rob Collins, Rob Bishop and Dave High for the restoration of wooden bolster waggons

Dave High, Rob Bishop, William High and others for the work of preparing WWI tractors ahead of their visit to the Somme

2015 – Glenn Williams and friends for building the replica Sentry Box Brake Van

Glenn Williams and colleagues for the Repainting of Taliesin

The JASPER Group for the disc signals and capstans at Lottie’s crossing

2014 – Ian Rudd and team for the new Harbour Station signalling

The organising team of the ‘1863 and All That’ Vintage Weekend

Jim Hewitt, Martin Cook, Kids Week, Rob Collins and Dave High for the creating of a Mark 2 Quarrymen’s Carriage

Sam Hughes, Jo Vincent, Brenda Organ and others for FfROCS

2013 – The organising team of the Steam 150 Gala

Glenn Williams and the Carriage Works for repainting Princess, Prince & Welsh Pony for Steam 150

The JASPER Group for the refurbishment and reinstatement of disc signals

Will High & team for the rebuild of bogie wagon No.68

Heritage Group & Ffestiniog Railway Society for the purchase of new wheels and couplings for slate waggons

2012 – Young volunteers group for slate waggon restoration

Dee & Mersey Group for replica milestones

Martyn Knight and Team X for the replica ‘Porthole Bugbox’

2011 – The JASPER group for the heritage telegraph pole route

Volunteers and staff at Boston Lodge for returning Linda to traffic

Ysgol Eiffyonydd students for work on granite waggon 810

2010 – Stuart Baker, David Newham, David High, Glenn Williams and Team X for the recreated Safari Carriage, Birmingham No. 11

Dee & Mersey Group for replica milestones

Team X for the restoration of Van 4 (erstwhile No. 11)

Ian Rudd and team for the overhaul and repainting of Moelwyn

2009 – FR Trust, FR Society, FRHG and Cadw for Schumann designed and led project to restore the Boston Lodge Engine Shed

2008 – Team Rudd for the refurbishment of Minffordd Weigh House

Repainting Earl of Merioneth

Peter Harrison and Keith Bradbury for the creation and expansion of Festipedia

2007 – Boston Lodge HLF Team and Team X for building replica Ashbury No. 10

Boston Lodge HLF Team for restoration of carriage No. 19

Peter Johnson ‘An Illustrated History of the FR’ book

Dee & Mersey Group for replica mileposts

2006 – Stuart Baker, Rob Collins, David High and Glenn Williams for Spooner’s Boat

Rob Collins for Busta

Glenn Williams and Tony Willmore for painting Merddin Emrys

The 2005 Vintage Weekend team for the organisation of the event

2005 – Peter Johnson for his book Immortal Rails

2004 – Glenn Williams and Ralph Timmins for the painting of the Curly Roof Van

Adrian Gray and Roy C Link for the publication of The Spooner Album

Boston Lodge HLF Team and sponsor John Prideaux for the construction of the Curly Roof Van

2003 – HLF Team at Boston Lodge, Norman Bond, David Gunn, Glenn Williams and others for the restoration of Carriage No. 18

F Team for gravity train operations

2002 – Jim Hewett, Martin Cook, Adrian Gray, FRS LAG, Roy Wakeford and Eileen Clayton for the Minffordd Down Shelter

Paul Harris, Peter Harrison and Adrian Gray for the Heritage Group Journal

2001 – FR Society HLF team led by David Gordon for the HLF Workshop, Carriages No. 15 & 16 and slate waggons

Team X for Birmingham No. 4

2000 – FRHG Working Party (David High, Colin Sudlow, Jim Hewett, Adrian Gray) for the Double Arm signal at Tan y bwlch

1999 – Prince team led by Chris Jones for Heritage features on Prince

FRHG Working Party (David High, Colin Sudlow, Ken Vine, Jim Hewett, Adrian Gray) for the Iron Bogie.

Carriages No. 11 & 12

1998 – Mike Hart et al for the restoration of Moelwyn

Andy Savage, Ian Yates and Pete Magnay for the recreation of old No. 1 van

Clearance of lineside to restore views

1997 – Carriage works (Rogers et al) for the restoration of Carriage No. 14

Eileen Clayton and the Buildings Dept for the Tanygrisiau station shelter

Upper Thames Group for the Dduallt station building

Prince team led by Chris Jones   for the modifications to Prince improving appearance

1996 – Gwynedd Archives for their work in restoration and conservation of old FR drawings

1995 – Eileen Clayton and the Buildings Dept for the refurbishment of Lottie’s Cottage

Ian Yates and Peter Magnay for the restoration of No. 15

Eileen Clayton and the Buildings Dept for rebuilding Tanybwlch station building

Adrian Gray for an exhibition of Boston Lodge photographs at the Gala

Paul Harris and Peter Harrison for the Heritage Album

1994 – Simplex team for its restoration to service and heritage appearance

Creation of heritage style lobby at Boston Lodge

Vic Mitchell, Michael Seymour and Adrian Gray   for the Middleton Press publication of Branch Lines around Portmadoc 1923-46 (also nominated in 1993)

The 1994 Vintage Weekend organising team

Restoration of Waggon 162

Kids Week team for repainting Maenofferen shed

1993 – Palmerston team for the restoration of Palmerston

Eileen Clayton with BP&G Kids Week team for heritage railings around water tower and head-shunt at Harbour station

Restoration of Quarrymen’s No. 8

Refurbishment of No. 23

Francis Stapleton for reconstruction of A-frame slab waggon

Restoration of Waggons 152, 163, 165 & 166

The 1993 Vintage Weekend organising team

1992 – Eileen and Neil Clayton for restoration of Penrhyn Station building

John Halsall and Ron Jarvis for Birmingham No. 6

SHAPE, John Halsall and Boston Lodge staff for   Van 99

Civil Engineering Dept for the Penybryn drystone walling

Ian Yates for the Hearse Van refurbishment

1991 – Norman Bond and Team X for restoration of No. 10 (now Van 3)

Gwynedd Hughes & Whizz Shrives for drystone walling at Lloc Meurig

1990 – Norman Bond for leading restoration of 1st Class in Carriage No. 17

1989 – Ian Rudd and team for the Vintage Train

Jim Hewett and LAG team for the replica wooden Dandy waggon

Colin Sudlow and Roland Lewis for the replica wooden slate waggon

Upper Thames Group for the Plas Halt stone building

1988 – Merddin Emrys team for the rebuilding of Merddin Emrys

Winson Engineering for rebuilding Livingston Thompson for NRM York

1987 – Carriage Works (Halsall, Magnay and Rogers) for Bowsider Carriage No. 20

1986 – B team of Boston Lodge Works staff for FR150 gravity trains