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Back issues

Sales of back issues are temporarily suspended.

All back issues of the Ffestiniog Railway Magazine, with the exception of issues 2 to 4 and 244 to 247, are available through this website or from Roy Cunningham, Festiniog Railway Heritage Sales, 7 Rowan Close, Binley Woods, Coventry, CV3 2JX. Prices, including postage, are £3.50 each for issues 187 to 243 and £2.50 each for issues 1 and 5 to 186. There is an open waiting list for issues 2 to 4. If ordering by post please make cheques payable to Festiniog Railway Heritage Group.

Issues 1 and 5 to 186

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Issues 187 onwards

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Stocks of binders to accommodate the larger magazines issued since No. 192 are running down and we expect to have to impose an increase in the price when new stock is bought.  The cardboard postal sleeves accommodate two binders and the cost of posting a pair is only a little greater than for a single binder.  Therefore each pair of binders costs £17.00, post paid.  Each single binder costs £9.00, post paid.

Single binders

Pairs of binders