I (don’t) walk the line Douglas Lindsay Correspondence 153:359

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Ideas about money Correspondence: E Fillis 126:258; Ray Hillgrove 126:258

Idris Jones, Denise & John Annie May Evans (1905–2005) 189:511

Idris Jones, John Correspondence: Johnny Williams 134:73–4

If it’s worth doing . . . John Bennett Correspondence 85:44–45

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If you want to know – ask 31:28 32:22 33:27–28 34:24 35:21–22 36:24–25 37:16–17 38:24–25 39:25 40:34 41:30 42:16–17 44:27 46:31–32 47:29–31 58:16–17 62:30–31 64:19 81:26 82:20 84:22–23 85:4–5 88:15–17

(ordered alphabetically)

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[Clock side, engine side] DJ Barrie 39:25

[Colonel Campbell’s private locomotive] J Morley 36:24–25

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[Concrete block set in the track, Tafarntrip] D Ramsay Wilson 32:22

[Concrete block set in the track, Tafarntrip: editors’ reply] Daniel H Wilson & Norman F Gurley 32:22

[Dduallt footbridge] Howard R Wilson 38:25

[Difference between figures for bookings and for passenger journeys] J Huxley 33:27–28

[Difference between figures for bookings and for passenger journeys: editors’ reply] Daniel H Wilson & Norman F Gurley 33:27–28

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[James IC Boyd and early Ffestiniog Railway revival] Stuart Manley 85:4

Loading gauge Colin Small 58:16–17

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[Metal gantry over the track] Martin Coombs 37:16–17

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[New station at Blaenau Ffestiniog] D Monk-Steel 85:4–5

[Observation car] David J McGeoch 44:27

[Passenger amenities at Harbour Station] AE Thorndike 47:30

[Plate bender] JM Pike 41:30

Porthmadog signals TV Lister 60:25

[Rail creep, rail hooks] PL Harris & [DFH] D Fred Howes 88:16–17

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[Roaring noises from rails] R Simons 31:28

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[Signalling and safety] DA Barnes with reply by Allan GW Garraway 62:30–31

[«Simplex»] Tony Simmons & Norman F Gurley [NFG] 88:15

[Ffestiniog Railway Society subscriptions and Ffestiniog Railway Company fares] JR Fisher 40:34

[South Snowdon Harbour development] AJD Sant 39:25

“Talyllyn working” Robert Clegg 84:22–23

[Telegraph wires] WAA Butterworth 38:24–25

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[Turntables] Tony Simmons & Norman F Gurley [NFG] 88:15

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Correspondence: Andrew Wilson 186:331; Arthur Hill 186:331–332; John Milner 187:399–400; Adrian C Gray 187:400–401

Volume 1 JLD [John L Dobson] 186:336–337

Volume 2 RFB 190:594–595; Second opinion [a second review] JFO [John Organ] 190:595–596

Immortal sails 44:11–12

IMP-busting [Daniel H Wilson & Peter Johnson] 110:2–3

Imperialist CEA Buckle Correspondence 84:28–29

Improving accessibility News from the Line 197:282

Improving Blaenau Ffestiniog Station 1 Chris Baker Correspondence 245:367–368

Improving Blaenau Ffestiniog Station 2 Paul Thomson Correspondence 245:368

Improving Blaenau Ffestiniog Station 3 Correspondence Mark Temple 245:368–369

Improving our public image Correspondence: Andrew Thomas 238:757; David Carpenter 239:841

Improving thoughts Correspondence: J Manners 92:30; Malcolm B Jackson 92:30–31; General Manager [Allan GW Garraway] 92:31

IMR Publication received: «Welsh Highland Railway: the complete journey» (video) by Graham Whistler & Jeff Freestone 224:554–555

In gratitude Birgitta & Ingvar Langlet Correspondence 78:27

In memoriam Norman Pearce & Howard Wilson Correspondence 161:199

[In memoriam] Norman Pearce & Howard Wilson Correspondence 164:325

In memoriam register Notice Board Howard Wilson 186:329

In Re Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) Correspondence WB Broadbent 94:37

«In search of steam: photographing the world’s steam railways» by Keith Strickland PED [Paul E Davies] Publication received 220:263

In support of bats Tammy Stretton Correspondence 218:116

In the beginning [Spooner family] James IC Boyd 73:14–17

In the beginning [Spooner family, Magazine no. 73] James IC Boyd Correspondence 74:23

In the dark Tim Sparks Correspondence 147:125


INCA programme, David Pollock, General Manager 128:327

INCA update News from the Line 127:275–276 128:315 129:365 130:400 131:441–442

Incident at Harlech JB Price 40:19

In-house publicity 138:231

«Independent buses in north Wales» by Neville Mercer JLD [John L Dobson] Publication received 223:485

Index [Peter N Jarvis] 38:20 42:11

«India “No problem sahib”: a state by state tour of India and her railways» by Peter Jordan, Richard Paget & David Charlesworth Publication received 128:340

India 1978 Brian Hollingsworth 84:15–16

Indian Fairlie story, An Steve Sedgwick 241:71–73

Indian Fairlies WL Rothschild Correspondence 116:41

industrial archaeology, Course in at Harlech 52:3

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Info burst Richard Wilson 171:103

Information at stations News from the Line 187:373

Information required Notice Board 184:199

Information technology News from the Line 196:209–210

Information technology & communications Iain Fraser News from the Line 216:814–815

Information technology and the F&WHR Tim Maynard 238:752–753

Infrastructure News from the Line Dafydd Thomas 223:447–448 224:517–519; Chris Mace 225:598; Dafydd Thomas 226:671–673 227:749–752 228:829–831 229:17–19 230:100–102 231:177–179 232:258–263 233:337–340 234:408–411 235:490–494 236:569–571; Alex Spring 237:651–653 238:727–728 239:809–811 240:886–888 241:17–19 242:97–100 243:179–181 244:255–259 245:335–338 246:416–418

Infrastructure workshop and store Ian Hartill News from the Line 228:834

Ingham, Paul

News from the Line: Personnel 184:188

«Two foot gauge rails to the ironstone» Publication received 171:108

Ingham, Paul

Correspondence: Dick Hardy 241:56–57

Vintage trains 1990 127:281

Last and the first – a view from the front 168:497–500

Ingham, Paul & Kenneth E Hartley «The Sand Hutton Light Railway» 3rd edition JLD [John L Dobson] Publication received 223:483–484

Inmate Correspondence: Fairlie local 91:35–36

Ins and outs [Daniel H Wilson, Norman F Gurley & Peter Johnson] 80:1–2

«Inside motion» Clare Britton Notice board 242:130–131

Inspector reports Peter N Jarvis 164:329–332

Inspiration AJ Padley Correspondence 126:258–259

[Instant Ffestiniog Railway Society membership] Add water and pow! It’s Furzleman!!! [Daniel H Wilson & Norman F Gurley] 68:2–3

«Instructions to drivers of “Simplex” petrol tractors: 20 H.P. and 40 H.P. (60 cm gauge)» JLD [John L Dobson] Publication received 234:437

Insurance for professional volunteers Membership matters 145:21

interesting vacancy, A 105:13

Interim score [Daniel H Wilson & Norman F Gurley] 65:3–4

International interactive: Ffestiniog Railway & Welsh Highland Railway staff visit the HSB John Bell 197:307–310

Internet discussion group Notice Board 168:489

Interpretative panels Tim Hadfield Correspondence 217:49

Intertwined bodies [Daniel H Wilson, Norman F Gurley & Peter Johnson] 93:1–3

interview with the Ffestiniog Railway Society Chairman, An AJ Gordon Rushton & Daniel H Wilson 114:15–19

Introducing «Britomart» News from the Line 33:6–7

Introducing the Brambles Nigel Gray 43:18–19

Introducing the Customer Service Manager Notice Board Stephen Greig 225:620

Introducing the Ffestiniog Railway Visa credit card 156:459–460; Ffestiniog [credit] Visa card Notice Board 165:362 173:194; Credit card Notice Board 208:253–254; Ffestiniog Railway affinity credit cards Howard Wilson Notice board 240:924

Introducing the staff 27:8–10 28:13 44:7–9

(ordered by Magazine issue numbers)

Boston Lodge 27:8 44:7–8

Harbour Station 27:8 44:7

Permanent Way Department 27:9

Seasonal staff 27:9

Honorary officials 27:10

Permanent way 44:8–9

«introduction and guide to the travelling Post Offices of Great Britain, An» by AM Goodbody Publication received 78:24

Introduction brochures 35:9

Introduction to volunteering John Boucher 206:135–137

Investiture News from the Line 46:8

[Investiture, Ffestiniog Railway history] Bill Broadbent Correspondence 159:109–110

Inwood, Mrs Obituary News from the Line 96:13

Irish connection, An Chris Walpole 234:467

«Irish Mail, The» by Mike Hitches Publication received 169:25

«Irish narrow gauge railway, The» by John DCA Prideaux Publication received 94:31

«Irish narrow gauge railways – a view from the past» by Michael HC Baker Publication received 168:497–498

«Irish narrow gauge today» (video) by Midland Publishing Publication received 164:327

«Iron Sherpa: Darjeeling & its remarkable railway» by Terry Martin Publications received Volume 1 «The history» JLD [John L Dobson] 196:231–232; Volume 2 «The railway» JLD [John L Dobson] 210:401–403

Is it safe? Welsh Highland Railway AJ Gordon Rushton 129:356–357

Is that man in our trees with the binoculars from the Social Security or Ffestiniog? [Daniel H Wilson, Norman F Gurley & Peter Johnson] 92:2

Is that really what they mean? [Volunteer co-ordinator] Correspondence 168:493–494

Is there a doctor in the yard? The Lilla Group 243:220–221

Isherwood, Graham «Cwmorthin slate quarry» Publication received 50:242; DHW [Daniel H WIlson] 102:27–28

«Island lifeline» by Connery Chappell Publication received 88:23

i«island of Sodor, The – Its people, history and railways» by Rev. W Awdry & G Awdry Publication received 119:29

«Isle of Man narrow gauge, On the» by James IC Boyd Publication received 88:23

«Isle of Man Railway – the outline history of the Isle of Man railway including the Manx Northern Railway and the Foxdale Railway» Volume 3 by James IC Boyd Publication received 154:397

«Isle of Man Railway, The,» Volume 1 by James IC Boyd Publication received 142:426–427

«Isle of Man Railway, The» Volume 2 by James IC Boyd Publication received 148:170

«Isle of Man railway journey» by Tom Heavyside PED [Paul E Davies] Publication received 238:763

«Isle of Man Railways locomotive, tram and rolling stock directory» by Barry Edwards Publication received 166:411

«Isle of Man railways steam 125 – a celebration» (video) by Oakwood Video Library MJK Publication received 164:327

issue of shares, The [Daniel H Wilson & Peter Johnson] 111:1–2

issue that won’t go away, The [AJ Gordon Rushton] 134:45

It started with the Meccano Magazine David Carpenter 233:384–387

It was 45 years ago Geoffrey A Layzell Ward 203:760–761

It’s a fact 23:15

It’s a long way to go to see a Fairlie Don Mitchell 145:31–32

It’s not a real railway Colin Tucker 186:355–357

It’s not just the firing… [Louisa Wasley] 147:122

It’s quicker by . . . 33:26

It’s that railway again [Welsh Highland Railway] [Daniel H Wilson & Norman F Gurley] 66:1–2

«Italy narrow gauge: the Dolomites to Calabria» by John Organ JLD [John L Dobson] Publication received 219:189–190

Items added or returned to Ffestiniog Railway stock 1963 26:11

Ive, Graham Correspondence: Cause for concern 190:592

«Ivo Peters' collection» Volume 4 «North Wales narrow gauge steam» (video) by Railscene Publication received 123:125

Ivor Paul Lefevre Correspondence 104:48

Ivor the Dragon's club 110:16

«Ivor the engine» by Oliver Postgate & Peter Firmin Publication received 105:23–24


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