Abbey, Richard Correspondence: Alan Pegler and Phil Dowse 218:114

Abbott, Stephen G Correspondence: Locomotivery 102:34; Welsh Highland Railway 141:385; Traffic 175:291; Future prospects for the Ffestiniog Railway & Welsh Highland Railway 198:368–369; Connections at Blaenau Ffestiniog 226:694–695; The FR and the «Meccano Magazine» 242:134

«ABC railway accidents» by Stanley Hall Publication received 160:155

Abell, Paul H «British tramway guide» 4th edition Publication received 142:427

Abergele Bach, Operation 74:9–10

Abermule to the Cob, From Lock and Block 52:17–19

«Aberystwyth to Carmarthen including Aberayron & Newcastle Emlyn branches» by Vic Mitchell & Keith Smith [G[A]LW] Geoffrey A Layzell Ward Publication received 213:617

About surveying passengers Arthur Lambert 139:280

Above Dduallt [Gelliwiog shuttle] 70:20

Absent marketing 105:12

absolute Fairbourne, An TW Warner Correspondence 112:51

Accepting items offered John L Townsend Correspondence 179:494–495

Access for all

News from the Line 200:488–489 201:560–561

Notice Board 196:224 197:290 198:366 199:444–445; David Witcomb 223:477–478; 224:548 226:691 234:434 235:524

Access to lines open to traffic D Fred Howes Notice Board 158:59

[Accident, mock] Operation Abergele Bach 74:9–10

Accolade GA Stocker Correspondence 197:292

Accommodating advertising [Peter Johnson] 134:44

Accommodating bods cynically [Peter Johnson] 137:175–176

Accommodation at Glanypwll 64:17

Accommodation for volunteers 40:28

Accommodation fund Notice Board 173:194

Accommodation list 128:322

Accountant to the Ffestiniog Railway Company News from the Line 52:7

ACG [Adrian C Gray] Publications received: «Fairlie locomotives of north Wales» by David Payling 237:685–686; «Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland railways illustrated stock list» by John Organ & Martyn Knight 198:373; «Ghosts of Aberglaslyn» by John Manners with Michael Bishop 236:606; «Slate quarry album» 2nd edition by Gordon & Ann Hatherill 207:187–188

Ach-y-Fy Dafydd! Daniel H Wilson & Norman F Gurley 28:3–4

Achievement [Peter Johnson] 138:216

Ackerman, Pat News from the Line: Personnel 182:76

Active forty Correspondence: Preservation & modernization [«Earl of Merioneth» rebuild] 54:35

Actuary / pensions adviser to the Ffestiniog Railway Company Notice Board 181:22

Adam, Robin News from the Line: Personal & Personnel 196:212

Adama, Vikki News from the Line: Personnel 173:189

Adams, DH Correspondence: Image, The 100:41; More imagery 102:36

Adams, Ian Theacht instead of Dduallt 45:12–15

Adams, Ray L Correspondence: Joy for Thomas 152:324

Add water and pow! It’s Furzleman!!! [Instant Ffestiniog Railway Society membership] [Daniel H Wilson & Norman F Gurley] 68:2–3

Addenbrooke, Ronald Correspondence: Locomotive of the future 36:29

Addition to stock (ordered by Magazine issue numbers)

[poem on birth of Wendy Marion Fox] PNJ [Peter N Jarvis] 65:31

Alistair James Shooter 77:11–12

John Howard Savage 82:10

[Adrian & Diane Shooter daughter, Victoria Louise] 85:33

Adjustment time [Daniel H Wilson & Peter Johnson] 108:3–5


News from the Line 47:7 106:4 107:7

Notice Board Richard Stibbs 158:107

Adopt a station Notice Board Christopher Boulter 186:328–329

Adult helpers needed for Young Volunteers’ Training Week [YVTW 2019] Alex Spring Notice board 244:290–291

Advance diary notes 142:402

Adventure holidays 108:20

Adventures Paul Lewin 224:539–540

Advertising 144:496

Aerofilms «Britain’s railways from the air – then and now» Publication received 163:284

Afforestation Ian R Hunt Correspondence 63:36–37

Afon Cwmorthin bridge (1956), (1978) 82:18

AFP [Alan F Pegler] Belated protest (Last year the Ffestiniog Railway made a profit of £201) [poem] 6:12

AFP [Alan F Pegler] & LJWS [Les JW Smith] Obituary: Henry Trevor Selborne Bailey 135:86–87

ageing Ffestiniog Railway Society, The, Correspondence: Shaun McMahon 112:49; Robert A Rainbow 112:49–50

Ageism? Jeremy Chapling Correspondence 160:154

AGM see Annual General Meeting

Agsoc: teacher induction, Correspondence: SE Chaplin 118:37–38; Andrew Johnson 118:38–39; Don Young 118:39; Chris Stratford, Peter Allen & Andy Thres 119:34

AGWG see Garraway, Allan GW

AH «Model railway detailing manual» by Alan Postlethwaite Publication received 191:662

«Airey’s Railway junction diagrams» PJH [Phil J Hawkins] Publication received 236:608

AJS see Savage, Andy J

Aladdin’s cave in Boston Lodge Keith Cranfield Notice Board 157:18

Aladdin’s cave reveals its secrets Keith Cranfield Notice Board 158:63–64

Alco 39:10–13 (ordered by Magazine issue numbers)

[Alco] Trois-vingt-trois P John G Ransom 33:16–22

[Alco locomotive name] «Mountaineer» 43:4

Alco loco AJ Gordon Rushton 128:308

Alco, The David C Morton Correspondence 143:473

Alcos at Minffordd print Geoff Munday Correspondence 159:112–113

ALCO 57156 – «Mountaineer» Paul Lewin 239:848–851

and see «Mountaineer»

[Alcohol, drug testing], Notice to all staff Notice Board 179:493

Alcos at Minffordd print Geoff Munday Correspondence 159:112–113

Aldridge, John «British buses before 1945» Publication received 151:283

Alexander, John (ordered by Magazine issue numbers)

Wandering Flea, The 170:63–64

Correspondence: Nothing changes 182:85; Mike Elvy’s memoirs 184:202–204; Garraway’s bath, etc. 185:267; Job Williams [2] 228:861–863

Archives update 195:176–178

Notice Board Ffestiniog Railway Trust 196:223

Cob, The: 200 not out! 213:620–623

What did you do in the War granny? 218:134–135

Boston Lodge at war 221:356

Notice Board: Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways Trust 223:475

Notice Board: Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways Heritage Ltd 223:475

Secretary, Ffestiniog & Welsh Highlands Railway Trust Notice Board: Ffestiniog Railway & Welsh Highland Railway Trust 227:777

News from the Line: The Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways Trust 230:115

Notice Board: Auction of paintings [by WG and Ken D Pierce and others] 230:126

Notice Board: Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways Heritage Ltd 233:363

Notice Board: F&WHR Trust 2016 235:523

Notice board: F&WHR Trust, The [Helen Wilkinson resignation, Julian Scarisbrick appointment] 238:755

Notice board: F&WHR Trust [Dai Roberts] 239:839

Notice board: F&WHR Trust 243:206

Coed y Bleiddiau: a lineside view 246:470–471

Alexander, John, David Boughey, Peter N Jarvis, Geoffrey A Layzell Ward, David Ronald & Keith Catchpole Frederick Boughey 1924–2008 Obituary 203:718–720

Alexander, John, Valerie Chicken, Kevin Dakin, Phil Hawkins, Alan Heywood, Fred Howes, Tim Oulton, Robert Riddick & Sandy Ross Obituary: Bryan William Osman Chicken 1936–2019 244:274–275

Alexander, John, Roy Cunningham, John L Dobson, Peter N Jarvis, Peter Johnson, Roanne Moore-Loizides, Tim Oulton, Patricia Layzell Ward & Daniel H Wilson Daniel H Wilson 1934–2005 Obituary 192:711–713

Alexander, John, Michael Davies, John Dobson, Bob Harris, Alan Heywood, Vic Mitchell, Hilary Norton, Tim Oulton, David Ronald, Angie Smart, Patricia & Geoffrey Layzell Ward Obituary: Ian Smart, 1920–2018 240:906–908

Alexander, John, Mike Davis, Steve Coulson, John L Dobson, Peter N Jarvis & Patricia Layzell Ward John Halsall 1932–2008 Obituary 204:792–793

Alexander, John, John L Dobson, EH Dodson, Allan GW Garraway, Phil J Hawkins, Peter N Jarvis, Arthur Ll. Lambert & Patricia Layzell Ward William Benedict Broadbent 1924–2005 Obituary 190:573–575

Alexander, John, Allan GW Garraway, Wendy Haverfield, Peter N Jarvis & Patricia Layzell Ward Moyra Garraway 212:529

Alexander, John, Phil J Hawkins & Peter N Jarvis Arthur Lloyd Lambert 1916–2013 Obituary 223:460–461

Alexander, John, Peter Jarvis, John Dobson & Patricia Layzell Ward Allan [GW] Garraway 1926–2014 [obituary] 228:812–816

Alexander, John & John DCA Prideaux Peter Quintrell Treloar 1936–2013 Obituary 221:318–319

Alexander, John & Gareth Williams John Andrews 1922–2007 Obituary 197:284

Alfred County Railway farewell David Payling 206:125–130

Alfred, Lord Tennyson The Prince, a metrical ode 72:11

Algieri, Pierino «Pierino’s Snowdonia» PJH [Phil J Hawkins] Publication received 224:557


Handel Kardas 146:74–75

Peter Miller Correspondence 147:124

All about tickets A. Michael Davies 20:35–38

All change! Paul Lewin 200:508–509

All change at Georgetown David Payling 191:677–680

«All change for Blaenau Ffestiniog» by Rands Video (video) Publication received 131:465

All downhill [Daniel H Wilson & Norman F Gurley] 60:5

All in a guard’s day Alan Heywood 21:19–21

all members, To M Wright Correspondence 99:35

All oilers Correspondence: Edgar Fillis 111:38–39; RM Davies 111:39

All our yesterdays: Steam gala 6th–8th May 1995 Pat MacGregor 148:150–152

ALl.L see Lambert, Arthur Ll.

Allam, Juliet News from the Line: Personnel 186:316

Allan, David, Phil J Hawkins & Dave Kent Ffestiniog Railway Society: Welsh Highland Railway Society: Welsh Highland Railway Ltd 187:385

Allday, Gill News from the line: Personal & Personnel 245:349

Allen, John F Correspondence: New bible [Boyd history of Ffestiniog Railway] defended, The 78:26–27

Allen, Ken

News from the Line: Personnel 168:481 171:95 175:284–285

Notice Board: Ffestiniog Railway Society Board news 169:21

Allen, Ken (ordered by Magazine issue numbers)

Membership matters 153:347 154:381; Membership matters 2 154:381; Please read this 154:381; 155:427 156:473–474

From the Ffestiniog Railway Society Boardroom: Chairman’s column: Changes at the top… 157:23–24

From the Ffestiniog Railway Society Boardroom: Chairman’s column 158:72 159:106–107

From the Ffestiniog Railway Society Boardroom: Chairman’s bit 160:146–147

From the Ffestiniog Railway Society Boardroom 161:194 162:238 163:278 166:400–401

Allen, Megan Putting the Ffestiniog Railway under the microscope 188:450–451 189:white sheet bound in with number

Allen, Peter, Chris Stratford & Andy Thres Correspondence: Agsoc: teacher induction 119:34

Allen, Sir Peter

Patrons of the Ffestiniog Railway Company PJGR [P John G Ransom] 91:28–31

Portrait Notice Board PJGR [P John G Ransom] 91:30

[death] 141:386

Alllen (Williams), Megan News from the Line: Personnel 190:572

[Allott, Paul] Congratulations 94:13

«Alltud Eifion / Gestiana» by Robert Isaac Jones, edited by Richard Walwyn Patricia Layzell Ward [PLW] Publication received 224:555

Almost the Internet [Peter Johnson] 146:47

«Along country lines: exploring the rural railways of yesterday» by Paul Atterbury Publication received 192:729

Alpine tour, Swiss – 18–26 October [1974] Alan Wheelhouse 67:17

Also [no more reprints of early Magazines] [Daniel H Wilson & Norman F Gurley] 44:2

Alternative fuels Correspondence: Tony Massau 193:37–38; Gareth J. Wigley 193:38

amazing experience, An David Jones Correspondence 214:688

Amazing... our young people Alan Norton 213:644–645

Ambrose, S Correspondence: Preservation and modernisation 57:35

AMD James Arthur Iggulden Obituary 85:6–7

Amgueddfa’r Mor Porthmadog Maritime Museum Patricia Layzell Ward 222:395–396

Ammann, Brian, Ian Andrew, Gareth Davies, John Fry, Phil Hawkins, Fred Howes, Chris Jones, Mick Thorp, Ron Walker, Brenda & Ray Waters Obituary: Rodney Thorp, 1954–2017 240:904–906

Amy’s thanks Amy Hore Correspondence 169:23–24

AN Other How to succeed on the Ffestiniog Railway without really trying: a lazy man’s guide to volunteering 86:22–25

Anagram 125:214

«anatomy of the Darjeeling Garratt and the engine it tried to replace, The: the DHR Class ‘B’» by Peter Manning GLW [Geoffrey Layzell Ward Publication received 241:58

«anatomy of a Garratt, The: a detailed look at the design and construction of K1» by Peter Manning GLW [Geoffrey Layzell Ward] Publication received 241:58

Anchen, Nick Publications received: «Narrow gauge: Whitfield – Gembrook – Crowes – Walhalla» JLD [John L Dobson] 219:189; «Railways of Tasmania’s wild west» PJH [Phil J Hawkins] 230:133–134

Ancient bits and pieces Michael Seymour Correspondence 99:37

And finally [Peter Johnson] 144:482

And so they came… [Deviation 50th anniversary meeting] Moragh Bradshaw & Peter Jarvis 230:122–124

Anderson, Paul

News from the Line: Staff news 35:7 40:10 41:7 77:10 81:8

Paul Anderson (1945–2017) Tony Massau & Bob Harris Obituary 236:584–585

Paul Anderson commemoration: «Waterloo sunset» special train Notice board Tony Massau 237:684

Anderson, Paul Correspondence: Bedford Buses & L&B Locomotives 236:605–606

Anderson, WR & D Ferreira If you want to know – ask: [Railway Letter Service] 46:31

Andrew, Ian, Brian Ammann, John Fry, Phil Hawkins, Fred Howes, Chris Jones, Mick Thorp, Ron Walker, Brenda & Ray Waters Obituary: Rodney Thorp, 1954–2017 240:904–906

Andrew, Stewart / Stuart News from the Line: Personnel 189:510; Personal & Personnel 194:81

Andrews, JF The Welsh Highland – high and low level Correspondence 132:514

Andrews, John

Introducing the staff 28:13

John Alexander & Gareth Williams John Andrews 1922–2007 Obituary 197:284

Andrews, John Correspondence: Cadwalader connection, The 180:549

Angus, Peter «Peter Angus: locomotive builder» JLD [John L Dobson] Publication received 241:59

Ankers, Phil News from the Line: Personnel 149:192 162:233

Anniversaries in groups [Peter Johnson] 152:295

Anniversary, The Peter Johnson 113:15–21

Anniversary appeal 116:16

Anniversary remembered 58:2

Anniverseer? Paul Turner Correspondence 112:47–48

Announcement of route [Deviation] ; Ffestiniog Railway Company: press statement – March 1964 24:9–12

Annual fayre 85:13

Annual fayre and other goodies 89:8–9

Annual General Meeting [AGM] of Ffestiniog Railway Society, and day’s events, special trains, correspondence (ordered by Magazine issue numbers)

AGM Special train [1958] ALl.L [Arthur Ll. Lambert] Correspondence 1:17

1959 Annual General Meeting 3:7

1960 Annual General Meeting 7:16

1960 AGM special train 9:10

1961 Annual General Meeting 22 April 12:15

Special train 22 April 1961 13:9–10

1962 Annual General Meeting 14:10

1962 AGM special train 15:10 16:13–14

Special train for the Annual General Meeting [1963] 19:7

Flying Scotsman and the AGM [1963] 20:19

Behind the scenes on AGM day Gurley, Norman F 25:8–10

1965 AGM day – 1 May 28:20–21; News from the Line 29:7–8

[Steam haulage of AGM train] : MA Endacott & FS Jones 29:24–25; GE Hughes 30:27; JS Berry 30:27

Hughes, Geoffrey E Correspondence 15:19; [Steam haulage of AGM train] 30:27

1966 AGM Special train 31:14

1967 special train 35:9

1967 AGM special train 36:15

1968 AGM special train 39:16–17

Special train for the AGM [1969] 42:13

1969 No AGM special train MA Endacott & FS Jones Correspondence 44:29

1969 AGM day, Arrangements for – 26 April 44:13

AGM special train Correspondence MA Endacott & FS Jones 44:29; JC Cope 44:30; Ian S. Harvey 133:36–37

1970 AGM special train – 25 April 48:15

1970 AGM day 49:12

1971 AGM special train 51:39 52:4

1972 AGM special train 55:3556:13

1973 [28 April] 57:22 59:18 60:34

1974 AGM special train, 27 April 63:22 64:17

Special train for Annual General Meeting, 26 April 1975 67:25

AGM [Annual General Meeting] minutes Norman F Gurley, Daniel H Wilson & Peter Johnson 80:2

1980 [AGM locomotive schedules] Stop press 88:29

1981 [AGM] 91:10; [error] 95:15

[1982] AGM day events 96:13

1984 [AGM] 103:13

AGM Howard RL Wilson Correspondence 117:33

Ffestiniog AGM specials of yesteryear Derek Harrison 132:501–503

1991 [AGM] 132:491

AGM specials Ian S. Harvey Correspondence 133:36–37

AGM 2 May 1993 David Gordon 141:363–364

Ffestiniog Railway Society AGM – 30 April 1984 David Gordon 146:58–59

Notice of Annual General Meeting 164:white sheet bound in with number

1999 AGM special – to Tan-y-Bwlch with «Taliesin» Notice Board 164:323

1999 AGM tributes [Peter Johnson] 165:359 165:378

Notice Board: Ffestiniog Railway Society AGM [2000] 167:444; 2005 AGM 186:327 187:394 188:453; (2006) 191:651; [2006] 192:719 193:29; (2008) 199:442; (2009) 203:728; (2010) 207:180 209:326–327; (2011) 211:470; AGM (2012) 215:748; (2013) 219:181; (2014) Roger Schofield 223:474; (2015) John E Fenner, Secretary, Ffestiniog Railway Society 227:776

AGM 4 May 2002 Special Resolution 177:415; Speech in support of the Special Resolution Richard Buxton 177:414–415

Notice Board: AGM special train 184:196

Notice Board: AGM Special Resolution 185:263

Annual members: Members’ travel privileges Notice Board 188:456

[Special Resolution] Ffestiniog Railway Society AGM [2006] 192:718; Ffestiniog Railway Society Board’s response 192:718; White Rose case 192:718

AGM train [3 May 2008] 200:523 201:589

AGM weekend activities Notice Board 204:799

Ross Williams [2] Ffestiniog Railway Society AGM (2010) 209:326

AGM awards Notice Board 213:609 221:333

Ffestiniog Railway Society AGM (2015) Notice Board John E Fenner, Secretary, Ffestiniog Railway Society 227:776

AGM raffle Notice Board Phil J Hawkins 233:363

Notice Board: Ffestiniog Railway Society AGM (2014) Roger Schofield 223:474

(2015) John E Fenner, Secretary, Ffestiniog Railway Society 227:776

Annual General Meeting [2017] Notice Board 236:601

Notice board: Society AGM money raising [2017] 237:684

Notice board: AGM 2018 John E Fenner 239:837

Notice board: Society AGM [2018] John Fenner Notice board 240:923

Notice board: Society AGM, [2018]: public address system 240:923

Notice board: Society AGM [2018]: members’ travel privileges John Fenner 240:923

Notice board: Society AGM [2018]: day tours Howard Wilson 240:923–924

Annual General Meeting weekend activities [2019] 244:307

Annual General Meeting, FR Society [2019] Notice board John E Fenner 245:365

Annual General Meeting [AGM], The 2020 FR Society John E Fenner Notice board 246:441

«annual report of the Golden DENK Society for 1987, The» Publication received 121:33

Anonymous Three men in a bugbox 55:36–38

Anonymous Transport for Wales, KeolisAmey, and the F&WHR 244:286–289

Another book on the Ffestiniog Railway John Pratt [John Winton] Correspondence 63:35

Another Ffestiniog Railway locomotive sold for preservation [«Monster»] 73:21–22

Another glimpse of the past 6:11–12

Another Paddington–Minffordd special for 1961 AGM 11:7 13:10

Another walk Linda Wasley 133:31

Anthony, Mick News from the Line: Staff news 66:12 72:8 77:10 78:10 81:8

Anthony, Mike «Mike Anthony's Ffestiniog Railway story» (cassette tape) Publication received 101:30

Anthony, Simon News from the Line: Staff news 72:8

Anthony, Sue News from the Line: Staff news 72:8

Antipodean adventure Clive Briscoe 219:207–210

Any old rail PWB Semmens Correspondence 149:210–211

Anyone for private station Louisa Wasley 136:162

AP Group notes: Midland Area Group 1:6

ap Myrddin, Carwyn (editor) «Snowdonia: best lakeside walks» PNJ Publication received 231:216–217

Apologetic mumblings 38:13

Apologia 141:359

apology, An Gordon G Caddy Correspondence 101:30

appeal, An 1:23 15:8

Apple Express

Peter Burton & John L Dobson 202:679–684

Robin Leleux Correspondence 203:732

Appleby, KC «Shildon–Newport in retrospect – the fore-runner of main-line electrification» Publication received 133:34

appointment, By News from the Line 182:65–66

Appointment of General Manager [Paul Lewin] Andy J Savage & Andrew Hayward Notice Board 180:542

Appreciation 1:24

Appreciation Correspondence: Vic Mitchell 203:733; Andrew Castledine 203:733; MJ Carter 206:109; Graham Lee 210:399; Anthony Davis 215:765

appreciation, An Margaret, Ian & Neil DeMaid Correspondence 245:369

«archaeology of railways, The» by P John G Ransom Publication received 95:32

Archive, Archives, Archive policy (ordered by Magazine issue numbers)

From the archives Michael Seymour 5:10–12 6:6–8 7:12–14; “«Taliesin»” as it might have been Michael Seymour 9:6; Ffestiniog Railway in 1860 9:6–7; 12:12–14 17:14–16 20:20–25

Archives and relics Michael Seymour, Curator of Archives and Relics Ffestiniog Railway Company 23:18–21

Archives Michael Seymour 54:17

Archives, Fragments from the Paul L Harris 78:15–16

Archive policy, Ffestiniog Railway Company DP [David Pollock], MS [Michael Seymour] & PGM 109:21

Archive policy, Ffestiniog Railway Trust Membership matters 145:22

Archives, museum & Membership Matters 153:347–348

archives, Developments in the Adrian C Gray 154:387–390

archives, From the: a fairly singular train formation John Padley 156:483–484

Archives appeal Notice Board 191:652 192:721

Archives update John Alexander 195:176–178

Archives: paper records Patricia Layzell Ward News from the line 238:740–741 239:817–818 240:900 241:34–35 242:110–111 243:193–194

FR Society archives Phil Hawkins Notice board 242:130

Archives Phil Hawkins & Patricia Layzell Ward News from the line 244:269–270 245:347–348 246:427–428

Are you a budding leader? Notice Board Paul Lewin 235:522

Are you a philatelist? Rob Smallman Notice board 241:51

Are you a swimmer? David Witcomb Notice board 245:365

Area groups

Some thoughts Eric Hubbard 129:380

Area groups Notice Board 179:492

[Area of flat land near Dduallt] Howard R Wilson If you want to know – ask 47:29

Arindell, Carly Ann News from the Line: Personal & Personnel 202:646

Armchair observations Bill Orme & Brian Banyard Correspondence 100:42

Arnold, PA Correspondence: [Photographing the railway and engine crews; response to HGBD (14:14–15)] 15:18–19

Arnold, PE «Clouds on the Brienzer Rothorn: a short history of the Brienz Rothorn Bahn» Publication received 151:282

Arnold, PR Correspondence: Captious caption 121:44

Arnold, Peter A Correspondence 15:18–19; [Earliest bogie carriages] 17:18

Around the loops Correspondence: Jeremy Chapling 121:41–42; Ted Beausire 121:42–43; David Davies Correspondence 121:43–44

ARPS see Association of Railway Preservation Societies

Arrangements for AGM day – 26 April [1969] 44:13

Arrest that spark! DB Lyall 60:17–18

Arrindell, Tina Bushwhacking 161:205

Arrivetz, Jean 1923–2015 Obituary John Organ 232:276–277

Arrivetz, Jean

Lessons from the Ffestiniog 132:498

Correspondence: Vivarais 170:61–62

Arrowsmith, Andrew (‘Arry) News from the Line: Personnel 143:452–453 147:108 156:473 187:379

Arthur, JMH Correspondence: England engines 44:28

Articulated locomotives GA Ward: part 1 15:16–18; part 2 17:10–12; part 3 22:12–14; part 4 25:15–17; part 5 32:12–15

Articulation on the Fairlie principle Keith Riley Correspondence 72:27–28

As others see it Peter Johnson 132:477

Asbury, D, ACCA, Director, Ffestiniog Railway Society Ltd PJGR [P John G Ransom] Portrait 75:22

Ash, Cecil Correspondence: Plas matters 95:37

Ash, Cecil, Mary Austin, Amy Hore, Don & Peter Mitchell, Eric Hubbard & Mike Rayner Ffestiniog Railway – the line that refused to die: Snowdonia National Park Study Centre residential course 20–23 February 1981: a report by participants 93:40–45

Ash, Lewis News from the Line: Personal & Personnel 218:98

Ash, Matilda Blanche News from the Line: Personal & Personnel 218:98

Ashby, John News from the Line: Personal & Personnel 210:382

«Ashover» Paul Martin News from the Line 218:85–86

Ashton, CH Correspondence: Tan-y-Bwlch and Tanygrisiau 95:36

Ashworth, Philip J & Vic Bradley «Vertical boiler locomotives & railmotors built in Great Britain» Volume 2 JLD [John L Dobson] Publication received 236:607

Asquith, Peter

Cherry picker project 188:475–477

Correspondence: Rowley, Derrick 202:662

Hydraulic Crane Project 205:55–57

News from the Line: JASPER 214:665–666 215:739–740 216:815–816 217:24 218:91 221:304–305 222:376–377 224:524–525 225:590 226:676 228:838–839 230:109 232:270–271 236:578 237:659 239:815 240:892 243:184–185 244:264–265 245:341

Asquith, Peter, Tim Oulton, Lawrence Washington & Howard Wilson Cyril Barnett 1924–2013 Obituary 223:461–462

Assistant membership secretary, assistance required / vacancy 47:13 68:25 76:20 107:18 Notice board 245:365

Associate member status – Ffestiniog Railway Society Notice board John E Fenner 239:838–839

Association of Railway Preservation Societies (ARPS) (ordered by Magazine issue numbers)

award 84:8

MBE 96:14

meeting 101:13

publications competition 126:240

ARPS to the rescue [AJ Gordon Rushton] 132:478

AST «Bangor to Porthmadog: including three Llanberis lines» by Keith Smith & Vic Mitchell Publication received 210:403–404

Astley, Glenn News from the Line: Personnel 143:452 145:19

Aston, Dave Correspondence: Mighty absent, The 111:39

Atherton, Dewi News from the Line: Personal & Personnel 198:355

Atkinson, Simon ««Merddin Emrys» on the Ffestiniog Railway» (print) Publication received 128:340

«Atlas of railway station closures» PED [Paul E Davies] Publication received 243:211–212

Atterbury, Paul Publications received: «Along country lines: exploring the rural railways of yesterday» PLW [Patricia Layzell Ward] 192:729; «Lost railway journeys» PED [Paul E Davies] 217:51

Attitudes 21:1–2

Attitudes of Railway management to volunteers Correspondence: DL Embery 175:293; ; Meredith Hugh Spencer 175:293John Steel 175:293

Attract another! Notice Board 160:147

Attracting international tourists Correspondence: Harry Gow 195:165 197:292

Attracting volunteers Godfrey Berry Correspondence 234:436

Attractions of Snowdonia Clare Britton News from the Line 215:727

Auction of paintings [by WG & Ken D Pierce and others] Notice Board John Alexander 230:126

Auction sale at Llanberis 48:15

August contrasts 162:257

Austin, Mary, Amy Hore, Don & Peter Mitchell, Eric Hubbard, Cecil Ash & Mike Rayner Ffestiniog Railway – the line that refused to die: Snowdonia National Park Study Centre residential course 20–23 February 1981: a report by participants 93:40–45

Austin, Stephen Publications received: «Portrait of the Atlantic Coast Express» PED [Paul E Davies] 157:28; «Southern Railway’s withered arm – a view from the past» 164:327–328

Australia post 85:15

“Australian Ffestiniog”, The [Puffing Billy] Daniel H Wilson 84:16–20

Australian pippin [Daniel H Wilson & Norman F Gurley] 42:2

«Austrian narrow gauge» by John Organ JLD [John L Dobson] Publication received 183:145

Authentic heritage

Meic Batten 185:290–291

Tony Willmore Correspondence 186:334

Auto-loop Correspondence: Derek J Winter 123:131; Alan F Skellern 123:131–132

[Automated level crossings] Around the loops Correspondence David Davies 121:43–44

Automatic telephone system [telephone directory] News from the Line 96:8

[autumn 1967, Extra trains in] Stop press 38:23

autumn gala, The, – colourful & flamboyant [2015] Roger Dimmick & John L Dobson 231:199–202

Autumn trains at Coedybleddiau 84:21

AVD Do-it-yourself railway [poem] 6:12

Aves, William «The lines behind the front» JLD [John L Dobson] Publication received 235:528

Avoiding the overdraft [AJ Gordon Rushton] 131:436

Avon-Anglia & British Rail (Western) «Heart of Wales line» Publication received 94:32


Awards [2002] Notice Board 177:405

Awards: Livingston Thompson Trophy [2002] Notice Board 177:405

Merddin Emrys Trophy [2002] Notice Board 177:405

Awards Notice Board 178:446

Away to the woods! Narrow-gauge steam in Romania Keith Strickland 239:858–865

Awdry, G & Rev. W Awdry «The island of Sodor – its people, history and railways» Publication received 119:29

Awdry, Rev’d W Notice Board 157:17–18

Awdry, Rev. W & G Awdry «The island of Sodor – its people, history and railways» Publication received 119:29

«Axholme Joint Railway» by CW Judge Publication received 149:209

Ayres, Jane News from the Line: Staff news 56:6


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