The Boat at Harbour Station (Photo: Adrian Gray)Our first Group Chairman, Michael Seymour, wanted to see a replica of "The Boat", a whimsical gravity inspection vehicle used by the Spooner family in the 19th century. The original came to a sticky end when its owner disobeyed his own rules and crashed into an up train. When Michael died a few years ago he left money to build a replica. After intensive, last minute efforts, it was ready to make an appearance at the Vintage Weekend 2005 as shown in the photo. Since then, completion of the braking system and improved sail arrangements mean the Boat has made several appearances at FR events, culminating in its starring role at the FR's Quirks and Curiosities event in May 2010, where it sailed across the Cob successfully in both directions and also managed a non-stop journey of the entire FR mainline using gravity and wind power (along with a small amount of manual effort near Tan y Grisiau).


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