HG Journal 145 postage – an update

We are aware that many members were asked to pay £2 to Royal Mail to receive their copy of the Journal. The majority were told that the stamps were counterfeit, some were told that the postage was insufficient. However, the charge for insufficient postage is £1.50. A charge of £2 indicates that none of the stamps were valid.

We initially took this at face value and assumed our supplier had mistakenly given us counterfeit stamps. Several members supplied us with the envelope with a yellow sticker covering the stamps, claiming that the stamps were counterfeit. Most stamps were obscured by the sticker but the few that were completely visible appeared valid, which raised the question as to whether members had been charged incorrectly by Royal Mail.

We have now heard from a member who complained to Royal Mail and asked for an explanation. They requested an image of the stamps which he supplied after removing as much of the yellow sticker as possible. Royal Mail have now confirmed that the stamps were NOT counterfeit, have apologised for the error and are supplying the member concerned with a book of stamps in compensation.

The Group is still happy to refund any member who has paid the £2 fee. Also, if any member has not received a copy of issue 145 we are happy to provide a replacement. Please contact the Editor, Peter Harrison, via membership@frheritage.org.uk if you would like a replacement or a refund.