Heritage Group Journal No.145 – an apology

A number of members have reported having to pay a surcharge in order to receive the latest Journal.  Some have sent photos showing that the envelope carried a sticker stating that the stamps were counterfeit.  We would like to apologise to any member affected.

Many members will be aware that we buy stamps for Journal circulation from a dealer who sells them to us at a discount.  This arrangement has been in place for many years without any problems.  However, it appears that one of the batches supplied for HG Journal 145 included allegedly counterfeit stamps.  We will, of course, be taking this up with the supplier but we are sure that he supplied the stamps in good faith and was unaware of the issue.

If any member has not paid the additional postage and has, therefore, not received their copy of HG Journal 145, they should contact the Editor, Peter Harrison, via membership@frheritage.org.uk and he will arrange a replacement copy.  If any member who has paid the additional postage would like the Group to pay for this, please contact Peter Harrison and he will arrange a refund for you.

Once again, we apologise sincerely to those members affected by this problem.

With regards the magazine itself, there’s an update on the latest progress with Kerr Stuart 4415, an article by Geoff Stocker recalling his early encounters with the FR in the 50s and 60s and a look into the life of James Spooner’s sixth child – Thomas John Spooner.